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Persistent Advocates for Toxic Exposure Victims Across the Country

Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. was founded in 1990 in Birmingham, Alabama, a town known for its steel mills and foundries. ELG built its practice on asbestos litigation through the successful representation of thousands of individual clients.

We have earned a reputation with our clients as dedicated, honest, and hard-working toxic tort trial lawyers. Our reputation among defendant companies as being “tough, but fair” has enabled us to succeed where other firms may have failed.

We Focus On:

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Proven Strategies for Toxic Exposure Litigation

Our attorneys and staff are efficient and highly skilled in:

  • Working up liability cases
  • Establishing the causation to support the claims
  • Collecting and analyzing critical case and client-related information
  • Responding to complex discovery
  • Processing claims

Despite our growth, we still believe that client interests come first, and we are continually committed to offering the highest level of representation and service on behalf of our clients.

Help for the Community

Our concern for those injured by environmental exposure doesn't stop in the courtroom. ELG has contributed well over $1 million to charities including the UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center. We also work with various municipalities in developing long-term strategies to decrease toxic pollution and restore a healthy environment to communities.