Native American Legal Resource/Environmental Contamination and Pollution

ELG has been involved in consulting practices with a number of Native American communities which have been the victims of what can only be called environmental racism.  Tribal lands and reservations throughout the country have repeatedly suffered contamination from nearby industrial sites which have polluted local wildlife and other resources. Operations by heavy industry, refineries, utility companies, papermills, landfills, atomic waste dumps and the like frequently place greater value on what is most beneficial for their business, rather than on proper regulatory compliance and stewardship of the land.  Many of these types of companies may have practiced regulatory avoidance for years, and have damaged people, communities, and the environment beyond repair.   

PCB’s are one of the most dangerous industrial pollutants due to the combination of their hazardous nature, potency, life span, and unique ability to “bioaccumulate”, or remain in the body (whether human or animal, and typically in fatty tissue) and be passed on to the next individual in the food chain.  For example, PCB exposure is often seen in fish, and when ingested those PCB’s can pass on to a human host.  Young mother’s often pass these bioaccumulated PCB’s to newborns in the womb and breastfeeding. 

PCB’s, Dioxins, Heavy Metals, and many other contaminants can pollute and destroy lands for generations to come.  Industrial contamination has become the smallpox blanket of the industrial age.  Our firm has experienced attorneys, and works with highly experienced medical and toxicological experts, to fight for justice on behalf of our clients.