Texas Property Damage & Royalty Recovery

Through the years, oil companies have been responsible for some of the most damaging single-incident pollution in the world. They also pollute on a continuous basis every day. In addition, many oil firms have not paid for the right to drill and remove oil from the ground. Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. pursues cases across Texas on behalf of aggrieved property owners.

Property Damage

Oil companies in Texas have poorly maintained their many pipelines that run throughout the state. Pipeline leakage has occurred on a large scale, polluting many thousands of acres of land with oil. The resulting property damage is significant. If you or anyone you know owns property in the state of Texas, and has oil pipelines on their property, they may have a property damage claim. Please contact our firm immediately.

Royalty Fraud

Oil companies in Texas have not provided proper compensation for lease agreements related to oil royalties. Many people may be due substantial amounts of money which should have been paid to them in the first place. If you believe there are royalty payments due to you that have not yet been collected, please contact our firm.