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Mark L. Rowe


Mark L. Rowe was a valuable asset to our team.
He will be missed.

I've been representing folks since 1984. I've always represented the side that has been injured, never the other side. My job gave me the opportunity to use communication skills through challenging ideas, conflicts. My reward was not only winning a victory in court. Helping the injured people get justice was an important part of my life philosophy.

Our Difference


Truth cannot come to light and justice cannot be served unless the injured ones get a proper voice to tell their story. This is where Mark L. Rowe, one of our most experienced attorneys, stepped in.

A former university professor and debate coach, Mark used to form a habit of teaching his students to communicate ideas in clear and concise ways and also to win competitions using strong communication skills. He joined our team with a strong wish to help those in need of a voice.

His vast law and communication experience along with a sense of humanity were the traits that help justice prevail.

Mark believed a relationship between a client and a dedicated attorney must be one-on-one. Regardless of how qualified and sophisticated the lawyer is, his duty is to make himself understood and make his client feel confident and trust him.


  • Cumberland School of Law, 1984
  • Morehead State University, M.A., 1975
  • West Georgia College, B.A., 1974

Bar Admission

  • Alabama State Bar

U.S. Courts Litigation

Memberships & Awards

  • Won National Trial Competition
  • Selected Top Oral Advocate in the nation

Areas of Practice

  • Environmental Law (complex environmental toxic tort cases, PCBs, radiation, asbestos, large community exposure cases and individual lawsuits)

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