Do not throw out your Zinus mattress – instead, document your findings and learn what to do

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on April 30th, 2021

Recently, the fact that Zinus mattresses can release dangerous glass fibers has come to light, and many people are eager to throw out their mattresses after hearing the news. However, if your Zinus mattress began leaking fibers of glass, you should not throw it out right away, as it can be used as evidence to support your lawsuit.

In March of 2021, the two sons of a family from Prescott, Arizona, were injured by glass fibers in their mattresses. Their mother had previously taken out the outer covers of the mattresses to washing before they went to sleep. Approximately 15 minutes after they went to sleep, they woke up Amanda, their mother, and complained that they felt itchy.

The shocking realization that their bedroom was contaminated with tremendous amounts of fibers of glass dawned on Amanda when she shined a flashlight on one of the mattresses and saw that the fibers of glass lit up "like a disco ball." Subsequently, she discovered that glass fibers from the mattresses were present everywhere in her sons' bedroom.

Because Zinus mattresses come with a zipper on their outer cover, this signals to the user that it is alright to remove it for washing, which is exactly what Amanda did. From painting walls to professional HVAC cleaning, the Richie family spent over a week deep cleaning their house while their sons stayed with other family members.

During the cleanup, Amanda and her husband, Josh, could feel the fibers of glass irritating their skin and experienced coughing and sneezing from inhaling the dangerous fibers of glass.

Eventually, they had to throw out many furniture and toys in which the fibers of glass had become embedded. Unfortunately, this is just one of the numerous similar cases in which people took out the outer cover of a Zinus mattress to find out later that their entire house has become contaminated with fibers of glass.

Should I throw out my Zinus mattress?

If you have a Zinus mattress whose outer cover you removed for washing and your home became contaminated with fibers of glass, we strongly advise you not to throw out the mattress. Instead, you should thoroughly document the extent of the contamination in your house by taking photos and videos while shining a flashlight on the areas with fibers of glass, which will be used as evidence for your lawsuit.

After you gathered enough proof, you should keep the dangerous mattress in a place outside your house so that no further contamination can occur. Next, you should hire a team of professionals to deep clean your home, as it is impossible to get rid of fibers of glass by yourself due to their microscopic size.

You should also keep the bill you receive after your house is safe once again so that you can prove the cost of the cleanup in your lawsuit, as the cost of such a cleanup can be extremely high.

Finally, if you sustained physical injuries resulting from coming in contact with fibers of glass, you should keep the medical bills, which will also be used as evidence in your lawsuit.

Not only will filing a lawsuit help you recover the money you spent on cleaning your house and on getting the medical services you needed, but it will also hold Zinus liable for their negligence, namely for failing to explicitly warn consumers not to remove the outer cover of the mattress, as well as by placing a zipper on the outer cover.

At the moment, there is a class-action lawsuit filed in federal court against Zinus in the summer of 2020 that is awaiting the approval of class certification that you can also join once approved to obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to if you were also injured by the fibers of glass in the mattresses of this company.

Our attorneys will help you gather the necessary evidence to prove the damage you suffered as a result of contamination with fibers of glass and will file a lawsuit on your behalf with minimal involvement on your part.

Join the class action lawsuit against Zinus if their mattresses injured you

With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for people injured by toxic exposure and defective products, our lawyers are ready to represent you in the class-action lawsuit against Zinus if you were one of the many individuals whose health was affected by the dangerous fibers of glass in these products.

You will only have to provide our legal experts with evidence of you owning a Zinus mattress and with proof of your injury, as the rest of the paperwork will be efficiently taken care of by our team.

Furthermore, to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to, we will research our own to find additional evidence for your case. Eventually, you will obtain the most favorable outcome for your case if you decide to work with our law firm, free of charge, unless we recover money for you, as we operate on a contingency fee basis.