How you can lose everything you own because of fiberglass contamination

By Michael Bartlett

Posted on September 13th, 2021

Fiberglass is found in a large number of mattresses, usually the inexpensive poly-foam or memory foam ones that are manufactured in China. Their cost is typically $600 for a queen bed. Zinus is one of the companies that include fiberglass in their mattresses, which can wreak havoc on your home if it escapes the inner layer.

Since 2007, all mattresses sold in the United States have been required by law to contain a fire retardant and, in a lot of cases, it is fiberglass. According to statistics, nearly 92% of mattresses contain a very controversial fire retardant, such as fiberglass, due to cost efficiency. In other words, manufacturers choose to use fiberglass and other harmful materials in their products so that they can spend as little as possible, which often results in faulty or dangerous mattresses.

While the chemicals that were once used in mattresses as fire retardants, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds, are mostly gone, the issue of fiberglass remains. The inevitable happened when multiple owners of Zinus mattresses removed the outer cover of the product, and the fiberglass was exposed and subsequently released in the entire room, then in the entire house. The misleading presence of a zipper on the outer cover of Zinus mattresses is what makes these products defective and what prompted over 196 consumers to file a lawsuit against the company.

Why is the fiberglass in Zinus mattresses dangerous for your home?

Fiberglass is made of glass resembling that in windows and drinking glasses, so you can imagine how dangerous coming in contact with it can be. When it comes to house contamination, because it is comprised of very tiny and sharp particles that can attach themselves to nearly anything, fiberglass is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to remove from your environment. For this reason, if you opened the cover of your Zinus mattress and the unavoidable occurred, you will have to employ a professional cleaning company that has relevant experience in removing fiberglass.

Even so, a company that specializes in fiberglass removal may not be able to make your home safe to live in once again, as fiberglass can be extremely versatile and thereby become stuck to carpeting, fabric, and clothing, to name a few, forever. This is why numerous families with Zinus mattresses were forced to throw away their lifelong possessions as a result of severe fiberglass contamination. Furthermore, having to spend a few days to a few weeks in a hotel room while cleaning companies are striving to remove fiberglass from their houses took a heavy toll on the budget of many families.

The additional financial problems fiberglass contamination may bring about

Seeking medical attention for the injuries or health issues exposure to fiberglass has caused you is yet another matter that will affect you financially if you took off the cover of your Zinus mattress, as the expenses incurred can be quite high. The following are just several examples of what types of injuries fiberglass exposure can result in and the cost of treatment:

  • dermatitis: $600 to $1,000
  • allergic reactions: $1,200 to $4,000
  • upper respiratory infections: $300 to $700

Losing everything because of a simple mattress may seem impossible, but unfortunately, it is absolutely possible, as fiberglass is grueling to remove from a house or apartment. Even experienced cleaning companies have a difficult time carrying out the removal of this awful material since it can easily become embedded in various objects, particularly those covered in fabric. Some of the most common possessions people had to let go of because of fiberglass contamination are bedding, clothes, furniture, carpets, drapes, and their children's stuffed toys.

Finally, perhaps the most tragic situation is that of families that have to live in their cars or, even worse, that became homeless due to the tremendous extent of fiberglass contamination in their homes. Their dwellings are now uninhabitable and also empty, as they had to dispose of all of their belongings. While everyone who experienced significant losses due to owning a Zinus mattress deserves financial assistance, these are the people who need our help the most, and we will do all in our power to offer them the opportunity to have a fresh start in life.

By virtue of our new campaign, you can benefit from donations if your home was affected by fiberglass

If you had the misfortune of taking off the cover of your Zinus mattress and your house became contaminated with fiberglass as a consequence, we encourage you to contact our legal team, as we can help you with donations to make up for the possessions you lost. You just need to let us know what you would benefit from the most in your situation, and we will go to great lengths to obtain it for you.

We have partnered up with numerous companies that agreed to offer support to people whose lives were affected by the fiberglass in their Zinus mattresses, so we can help you with a wide range of objects. Even though we may not succeed in providing you with everything you need, as there are many people in your situation who also need our assistance, we hope that our contribution will ease the difficulty of your journey toward a normal life.