Can Zinus mattresses leak fiberglass through the cover?

By Shaniqua Williams

Posted on October 10th, 2021

While most people know by now that unzipping a Zinus mattress can easily lead to serious injuries caused by the fiberglass in it, as well as to severe home contamination, what few are aware of is that they can be exposed to fiberglass even if they have not taken the cover of their mattress off.

Although the majority of people who own a Zinus mattress who experienced severe injuries as a consequence of exposure to the fiberglass present in the product have removed the outer cover of the product, it is extremely important to know that you can be injured by fiberglass even if you have not unzipped it. However, this usually takes place within several years of purchasing the mattress, as wear and tear, as well as friction, cause the inner layer of fiberglass to come closer and closer to the surface of the product. As a result, you can be injured by the shards of glass that have reached the surface of the mattress while you are sleeping.

The injuries you can sustain if fiberglass is leaking from your Zinus mattress

Most injuries that occur this way concern the skin and include skin itchiness, skin rashes, dermatitis, skin lacerations, skin irritation, fibers of glass embedded in the skin, and skin inflammation. Nevertheless, if there are rips, tears, or holes in the mattress, a significantly larger amount of fiberglass can escape the product, which may cause more serious damage to your health, including:

Unfortunately, if your Zinus mattress is in poor condition, it can leak enough fiberglass to contaminate your bedroom and subsequently your entire house, which will impoverish you even more, as you will have to pay for the treatment of your injuries and also for the cleanup of your home. It is worthy of note that the issue of fiberglass escaping a mattress even if you have not taken off the cover can happen in the case of other brands of memory foam mattresses as well if they contain this dangerous material, whether they have a zipper on the cover or not.

Some people have been dealing with skin problems and allergies for years before discovering the culprit

Since our law firm handles claims filed for defective Zinus mattresses, we have heard the stories of numerous clients who had not realized that their skin rashes, sneezing, and skin itching were, in fact, the consequence of sleeping on a Zinus mattress that was releasing fiberglass through the cover. For 2 years, a family from Maryland that owned four Zinus mattresses had been dealing with these unpleasant symptoms without knowing their cause. Some days, the husband would wake up with a rash on his face, while his brother would also experience symptoms related to fiberglass exposure. At the moment, they are awaiting the approval of the claim that they filed with the company. If fiberglass contamination from a Zinus mattress left you with no belongings, you can request donations by filling out the form on our Zinus Help page.

The fact that fiberglass can injure you even if you do not unzip the cover of a Zinus mattress should make you realize how dangerous products that contain it can be. Furthermore, people who sleep on Zinus mattresses can experience injuries when the product is covered with another layer of fabric as well, according to the testimonies of our clients. To make matters worse, we have had cases in which new Zinus mattresses began leaking fiberglass or in which the Zinus mattress has arrived at the door of consumers already covered in tiny fibers of glass. Therefore, if you have a Zinus mattress, it is crucial to pay close attention to what condition it is in, to cover it in as many layers of thick fabric or plastic as possible if you cannot afford to buy a new one, and to inspect it regularly by using a flashlight, as the fibers of glass will shine and sparkle in a powerful light.

Our lawyers will help you file a Zinus claim if you were injured by fiberglass

We have been dedicating our endeavors to providing quality legal assistance to people injured by toxic exposure and by defective products. Zinus mattresses are defective, and thereby the company can be held liable for negligence and for failing to warn consumers of the negative consequences of fiberglass exposure. To file a claim, the first step you have to take is to call our legal team and explain your situation. Afterward, you will be asked to send our legal experts proof that you own a Zinus mattress, your medical records mentioning your injuries related to fiberglass, and evidence of property damage, if applicable.

Our lawyers will carefully assess your case to determine if you are eligible for compensation. If you are, they will begin preparing your claim for submission, while our experts will conduct in-depth research to collect additional evidence for your case. Your involvement in the legal process will be minimal, as we know that people who were affected by fiberglass exposure have a lot of problems to take care of in the meantime. Several months after claim submission, you will receive the compensation you deserve, which will hopefully help you with your medical expenses and the cost of fiberglass removal from your home.