Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC

Toxic exposure

Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC manufactures Blanco, a product that contains paraquat. The company is located in Loveland, Colorado. In addition to herbicides, it also manufactures fungicides and insecticides. Their product is a non-selective, broad-spectrum burndown herbicide and contains a little over 43% paraquat dichloride, which makes it highly dangerous. If one of your family members developed Parkinson's disease as a result of exposure to Blanco, our attorneys will help you recover financial compensation on their behalf within the shortest time possible, as we will file a claim with the company, a process that is significantly easier and less time-consuming than a lawsuit.

Claim Evaluation

Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC and paraquat exposure

While the company included essential information concerning the dangers of paraquat poisoning on the label of Blanco, they failed to warn about the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease as a consequence of exposure. This is a pertinent reason to file a claim with Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC if one of your family members comes to struggle with this brain disorder as a result of frequent exposure to Blanco.

The label of Blanco does not mention anything about the risk of developing Parkinson’s disease as a consequence of regular exposure. For this reason, if one of your family members who used their product develops this brain disorder, you can file a claim with Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC. Even if the label of Blanco states that the product is a restricted use pesticide, which means that only licensed applicators can employ it, as well as that users must wear adequate protective equipment when working with it, the risk of exposure remains.

Exposure to paraquat occurs through inhalation, ingestion, and skin contact. While wearing protective equipment will shield you from paraquat exposure to a certain extent, it will not completely prevent exposure. Furthermore, people who live in close proximity of crops to which paraquat was applied are at high risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, as they do not wear protective equipment and thereby exposure can easily occur.

File a paraquat claim with the help of our legal team

In the regrettable case that you have a family member who used Blanco and developed Parkinson’s disease as a result, we strongly encourage you to contact our law firm, whose main area of practice is toxic exposure. We will thoroughly evaluate their situation and subsequently file a claim with Altitude Crop Innovations, LLC to recover the financial compensation your loved one is entitled to for their suffering. Your involvement in the legal process as a family member is essential, as people with Parkinson’s disease usually have a difficult time clearly explaining their circumstances of paraquat exposure.

However, your involvement will still be minimal, as you will only have to provide our legal experts with evidence of paraquat exposure and proof of related diagnosis, which must be Parkinson’s disease. Eventually, you will receive the maximum compensation available from the liable company on behalf of your family member if you decide to work with our law firm. For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.