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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease includes two different conditions: emphysema and chronic bronchitis. While asbestos exposure is not directly responsible for COPD, medical studies suggest that it can contribute significantly to the development of this condition. Fibers of asbestos are toxic and may thereby produce severe irritation to the lungs over the years. The progress of COPD is gradual, with more and more symptoms occurring along the way.

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COPD from Exposure to Carcinogenic Agents in the Workplace Results in 375,000 Deaths Worldwide Annually

If You Have a History of Asbestos Exposure but Were Also a Smoker, You Can Still File a Claim to Recover Compensation

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If you suffer from chronic bronchitis or emphysema (collectively known as COPD), we strongly encourage you to seek a second opinion from a specialist in asbestos diseases, as misdiagnosis is quite frequent among asbestos victims. Mesothelioma, lung cancer and COPD are all accompanied by more or less the same symptoms, so assigning a correct diagnosis is often challenging for doctors. Not only will a correct diagnosis improve your prognosis, but it might also make you eligible for financial compensation.

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