Benzene deodorant replacement initiative

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In November 2021, the independent laboratory Valisure found dangerous concentrations of benzene in 24 lots of aerosol deodorants from 8 big brands. While the safe limit of benzene is 2 ppm, Valisure discovered 24 lots of deodorant from 8 brands to contain between 2.24 ppm and 17.7 ppm of benzene, 14 lots from 8 brands to have between 0.20 ppm and 1.89 ppm benzene, and 21 lots to contain detectable traces of benzene. Exposure to benzene from deodorants occurs by inhalation and skin absorption. Over time, the chemical accumulates in the body, which may lead to life-threatening diseases such as leukemia. If you have been using one of the deodorants found to contain benzene, you can now request a safe, non-toxic product by virtue of our Benzene Deodorant Replacement Initiative.

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The brands of deodorant with benzene you should avoid buying or using

Benzene was found by Valisure in 30 different brands of deodorant. It is important to know that manufacturing deodorants does not require the use of benzene. More than half of the body spray batches analyzed by the laboratory were found to contain benzene. The brands you have to look out for are:

  • Old Spice
  • Secret
  • Brut
  • Sure
  • Suave
  • Tag
  • Equate
  • Right Guard
  • Sommer's Eve
  • Power Stick
  • Soft & Dri
  • Victoria's Secret

Therefore, it is best to cease using your deodorant if you have one of these and replace it with a non-toxic product. If you are at a loss about which product you should choose, we can help you with a free deodorant made by an ethical company that regularly tests for benzene and other dangerous contaminants.

Receive safe, non-toxic deodorant from the ethical companies we have partnered up with

Because deodorant is an essential personal hygiene product, which people apply one or multiple times a day, it is crucial that the one you use does not contain benzene. For this reason, our law firm has teamed up with several deodorant manufacturers that ensure their products are free of this harmful chemical.

If you have been using one of the deodorants found to contain benzene by Valisure, all you have to do to request a free, safe product is fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. It is important to know that we prioritize individuals who have developed leukemia due to using a contaminated deodorant.