Can benzene from deodorant be absorbed through the skin?

Yes. A significant amount of benzene is absorbed through the skin every time a person uses a deodorant body spray containing this toxic chemical. They are also exposed to benzene by inhalation when applying these products.

answered by Gary Anderson

Up to 36% benzene can be absorbed through the skin when someone applies deodorant body spray

The amount of benzene absorbed through the skin over a long period can be significant, depending on exposure time. According to medical studies, between 22% and 36% of the chemical is absorbed through the skin when one is exposed to it. People who have been using benzene-containing deodorant, especially products with a high concentration of this solvent, are at increased risk of developing leukemia. Upon skin contact, benzene deodorant may cause the following:

  • skin rash
  • a burning sensation
  • swelling
  • blistering

The higher the benzene concentration in deodorant and the more sensitive the person's skin is, the more likely they are to experience these symptoms. Since benzene can be absorbed through the skin more rapidly than other small molecules, the skin can be considered a portal of entry for the chemical. Benzene skin exposure may also result in dermatitis, a reaction characterized by dry, itchy, and red skin.

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