What are the dangers of exposure to glass fibers from a mattress?

Exposure to glass fibers from a mattress can result in numerous severe injuries, such as chronic breathing problems, stomach irritation, and itchy skin. If you came in contact with glass fibers from a defective mattress and were injured, you are eligible for compensation.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Exposure to glass fibers from Ashley or Nectar mattresses can worsen asthma

In 2007, the first new federal flammability regulation for mattresses in over 30 years took effect.

It made it mandatory for companies to make their mattresses resistant to open flame sources such as cigarette lighters, matches, and candles. According to the law, mattresses have to withstand exposure to open flame for 30 minutes or longer.

At first, manufacturers of mattresses would chemically treat their products with harmful substances, such as:

  • boric acid: it is a reproductive and developmental toxin, as well as used as a pesticide
  • antimony: it can lead to heart and lung damage since it is a possible carcinogen
  • decabromodiphenyl oxide: it may cause hair loss and memory loss, and it is also a possible carcinogen

However, over recent years, after receiving numerous complaints from consumers whose health was affected by exposure to these hazardous chemicals, the majority of manufacturers of mattresses decided to use fiberglass as a fire retardant in their products, as it was cheap, effective, and widely available. It is made of glass mixed with polymers, which makes it fireproof.

Nevertheless, when fiberglass escapes the inner layer of mattresses, it can easily contaminate the entire house and also cause terrible injuries to consumers. There are multiple injuries and health problems you can experience due to fiberglass exposure, such as:

Furthermore, if glass fibers are inhaled, this may cause severe irritation of the nose and throat, whereas if glass fibers come in contact with your eyes, they will become red and inflamed.

Numerous skin injuries caused by glass fibers require the surgical removal of the glass from the skin since these particles are very small, and you will not be able to remove them yourself.

In the regrettable case that you own an Ashley or Nectar mattress and you were exposed to the glass fibers in the inner layer of the product, which led to injuries, you are eligible for compensation from the company, which our attorneys can help you recover.

Quality legal assistance for people injured by a mattress with fiberglass

Since 1990, our legal team has been providing quality legal assistance to people injured by toxic agents and defective products and is bound to do the same for you if you were injured by the glass fibers in a mattress.

All you have to do is contact us, send our legal experts evidence of you owning an Ashley or Nectar mattress and proof of injury, and we will promptly begin working on your case.

We will make sure to obtain the maximum compensation available for your injury from the manufacturer, which will help you afford superior healthcare and treatment if your injury was severe.

Although complex, the legal process will require minimal involvement on your part, as we are aware that people who are injured are in a lot of distress. Eventually, you will receive the largest sum of money you qualify for if you decide to work with our resourceful legal team.

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