Can exposure to the fiberglass in a mattresses cause allergic reactions?

Yes, exposure to the fiberglass released by unzipping the cover of an Ashley, or Nectar mattress can result in allergic reactions, as the shards of glass you will inevitably inhale will cause severe inflammation to the airways.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

The inhalation of fiberglass is likely to cause allergic respiratory and skin reactions

Breathing in fiberglass can easily result in severe allergic reactions, particularly if the person has a predisposition to this health condition. The main symptoms of respiratory allergic reactions are:

  • runny nose
  • frequent sneezing
  • wheezing
  • difficulty breathing
  • nasal congestion
  • coughing

If you removed the outer cover of an Ashley or Nectar mattress and now experience these symptoms, we strongly advise you to seek medical assistance, as a respiratory allergic reaction can lead to serious health complications if left untreated, such as hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Some of the people whose cases we took on even had to undergo sinus surgery for the removal of the tiny shards of glass embedded in their nasal passages.

Fiberglass exposure can also cause allergic reactions to the skin. Because skin contact is the most common route of exposure to fiberglass, these allergic reactions are actually the most common. Accordingly, people with fiberglass rashes will notice a patch of small blisters with flaky and dry skin. If they have pale skin, the inflammation will look red. Skin contact with fiberglass causes the most distress to people with sensitive skin, as they will experience significantly more intense and painful symptoms. On the bright side, there are numerous effective treatments for fiberglass rashes that you can get after a medical examination.

Our experienced attorneys will help you file a claim with the responsible manufacturer

We have over 25 years of experience in providing quality legal assistance to consumers injured by defective products, which includes mattresses that release fiberglass. If your house became contaminated with fiberglass after removing the outer cover of an Ashley or Nectar mattress or if your health was affected by exposure to fiberglass, our legal team is ready to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve for your losses and suffering from the liable company.

The only necessary documents are your medical records, which must mention the injuries you sustained due to exposure to fiberglass, as well as evidence that you own a mattress with fiberglass and proof of property damage. After a thorough and careful assessment of your case, we will prepare all the paperwork on your behalf so that your involvement in the legal process will be minimal, which will allow you to focus on your health and treatment. Eventually, you will recover the maximum compensation available for your property damage and injuries if you choose to work with us.

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