How can the fiberglass released in my house by a mattress be removed?

Hiring a licensed, professional cleanup company is the only safe way to have the fiberglass released by an Ashley or Nectar mattress in your home removed. You should never attempt to clean it up by yourself, as you may actually increase the extent of the contamination.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Only a team of professionals can carry out the cleanup of fiberglass in your home

In the regrettable event that your house became contaminated with fiberglass as a consequence of removing the outer cover of a defective Ashley or Nectar mattress, you may wonder what the best method is to thoroughly clean up your residence. It is extremely important not to try to perform the cleanup on your own, as this can actually increase the extent of fiberglass contamination in your house. You may have heard about people with the same issue using HEPA vacuum cleaners to remove the fiberglass, but what they do not know is that some of these devices contain a fiberglass filter themselves, which makes this potential solution counterintuitive. Furthermore, trying to use a regular vacuum cleaner is even more dangerous, as it will only blow up the fiberglass particles and spread the material throughout the entire house.

The only effective and viable solution to get rid of the fiberglass in your house is hiring a licensed, professional team that specializes in the removal of this material. Because they have been trained in this process, which is quite complex and must be carried out by following certain steps, they will successfully remove all the fiberglass from your residence. However, depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to throw away some or even a large part of your belongings, as fiberglass cannot be removed from all surfaces and fabrics. Because ending up without belongings such as furniture and clothes, as well as because you will have to spend several days to several weeks in a hotel room while the cleanup takes place at your home, we strongly encourage you to file a claim to obtain compensation.

Our law firm will help you file a claim if you were injured by fiberglass

If your health or home was affected by the fiberglass in a Nectar or Ashley mattress, we will gladly help you file a claim. The only documents you will have to send our legal team are evidence that you own one of these mattresses, your medical records, and proof of property damage.

After a careful evaluation of your situation, we will begin preparing your case. Your involvement in the legal process will be minimal, which will allow you to focus on essential aspects such as restoring the safety of your home and your health and treatment. If you choose to work with our skillful lawyers, you are bound to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to from the responsible manufacturer, and the money you will receive will make up for the losses you experienced at least partially.

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