How can I recognize glass fibers in a Zinus mattress?

In general, mattresses that have no zipper on their outer cover and that are relatively cheap contain glass fibers. However, in the case of Zinus mattresses, they still have a zipper on the outer cover, despite containing glass fibers, which makes the company liable for misleading their consumers.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

In general, mattresses under $600 have glass fibers in them as a fire retardant

As a general rule, there are 2 ways in which you can recognize a mattress that has glass fibers, namely, it has no removable cover and is relatively cheap, typically under $600. Nevertheless, Zinus mattresses are the exception, as they have a removable cover that allows people to take it off for washing, which may greatly endanger their health, as the glass fibers in the inner layer of the mattress can easily escape in the room.

For this reason, there are numerous people who are waiting for a class-action lawsuit against Zinus to be approved so that they can recover the financial compensation they are entitled to for the injuries they suffered as a result of exposure to glass fibers.

You can recognize glass fibers in a mattress by their smell, as many have a specific odor caused by the binder glue and the formaldehyde they release in the air. Furthermore, some of the glass fibers may have a burnt smell or a sweet burnt smell, while others have a smell of urine. However, because they are extremely small, glass fibers cannot usually be seen with the naked eye.

If you walk into a room that is heavily contaminated with glass fibers, your eyes will start to burn, sting, itch, or water. Similarly, if you slept on a mattress that released glass fibers in the air, you may wake up with a sore throat.

File a lawsuit against Zinus with the help of our resourceful legal team

At the moment, there is a class-action lawsuit against Zinus awaiting approval, which you can join with the help of our skilled legal team. We have been providing quality legal assistance to people injured by toxic exposure and defective products for over 25 years and thereby have the necessary knowledge and resources to obtain the most favorable outcome for your case. The only documents we will need from you are proof of you owning a Zinus mattress and evidence of injured related to glass fibers.

We will file a lawsuit against the mattress manufacturer, and you will eventually receive the maximum compensation available for your injury.

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