Can I experience skin itching or rashes even if I have not unzipped my mattress?

Yes. If fiberglass escapes your Ashley or Nectar mattress, which can happen even if you have not removed the outer cover, exposure to it can result in skin itching or skin rashes. Alternatively, if shards of glass penetrate the cover, they may injure your skin in your sleep.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

The inner layer of fiberglass in your mattress will come closer to the surface

By now, if you own an Ashley or Nectar mattress, you probably know that it is never a good idea to take off the outer cover, as this can lead to both serious injuries and property contamination. However, you may wonder if the fiberglass in your unzipped mattress can hurt you. Unfortunately, this can happen, although the injuries you may suffer because of it will generally be less severe.

With wear and tear, as well as because of friction, the inner layer of fiberglass of a mattress will come closer and closer to the surface of the product, which may cause multiple shards of glass to penetrate the outer cover. If you sleep on a mattress that is old and worn out, there is a risk of being injured by the fibers of glass that reached the surface of the product.

The injuries you may come to suffer are usually related to your skin, including skin itching and skin rashes, as the likelihood of inhaling or ingesting fiberglass in this scenario is very low. Consequently, if you have an Ashley or Nectar mattress that is old and you cannot currently afford to replace it with a safe one, we advise you to cover it in as many thick layers of fabric or plastic as possible before continuing to use it.

Our attorneys will help you file a claim if you were injured by fiberglass

Toxic chemicals in mattresses

Since 1990, the core mission of our law firm has been helping people whose health was affected by toxic agents or defective products recover the compensation they deserve from the liable party.

If you own an Ashley or Nectar mattress and the fiberglass in it injured you or led to the contamination of your entire home, we encourage you to give our legal team a call.

After you contact us, all you have to do is send our legal experts basic documents such as evidence that you own a mattress with fiberglass, your medical records, and, if applicable, proof of property damage.

If our attorneys determine that you qualify for filing a claim with the responsible manufacturer, they will promptly begin preparing it for submission. Most of the legal matters will be taken care of by our team, as we are aware that families whose lives have been turned upside down by a simple mattress have more important problems to deal with in the meantime. Eventually, we will obtain the largest sum of money for you from the responsible manufacturer, which will hopefully help you have a fresh start.

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