What happens if I breathe in fiberglass from a mattress?

Because the fiberglass in an Ashley or Nectar mattress will become airborne once the outer cover is removed, you will inevitably breathe it in, which may cause mild to serious health problems, such as upper respiratory infections, chronic breathing problems, and lung scarring.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

The fiberglass in mattresses is highly irritating to the airways and the lungs

By now, it is a known fact that removing the outer cover of an Ashley or Nectar mattress will expose the inner layer of the product, which contains 62% fiberglass. If the mattress without the outer cover is disturbed even slightly, the fiberglass will become airborne, and you and your family members will unavoidably inhale some of it. This may cause a wide range of health problems concerning the airways and the lungs, such as the following:

If you experience symptoms as a consequence of breathing in fiberglass released by a mattress, you need to seek medical assistance immediately, as they may worsen over time without adequate treatment. While your body will naturally eliminate some of the fibers of glass you inhaled, a significant part of them will remain embedded in your airways, nasal passages, and lungs. Some people even require surgery to have large pieces of fiberglass removed from their respiratory system.

Quality legal assistance for people whose health was affected by fiberglass exposure

In the unfortunate event that your health was affected by exposure to the fiberglass in an Ashley or Nectar mattress, you are entitled to financial compensation from the liable company, a process which our resourceful and experienced attorneys will help you with. Similarly, if your home was damaged by fiberglass contamination, you are also eligible to file a claim with the manufacturer.

The only documents you will have to send our legal team are evidence of you owning a mattress with fiberglass, your medical records that state your injuries caused by fiberglass exposure, and proof of property damage if applicable. We will gladly take care of the remaining paperwork on your behalf so that you can attend to important aspects such as your health and treatment, as well as the restoration of the safety of your residence.

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