Do all Zinus mattresses contain glass fibers?

Yes, all mattresses manufactured by Zinus contain glass fibers as a fire retardant. However, when the company was asked about this issue, they said that their mattresses contained silicon fiber, another name for glass fibers.

answered by Gregory A. Cade

Glass fibers are present in all Zinus mattresses in a shocking amount of 62%

All mattresses manufactured in the United States are required under Federal Law to contain a fire retardant. However, glass fibers are a cheap and dangerous alternative, as numerous other effective and safe fire retardants could be used in mattresses.

In the past, chemicals were included in mattresses as fire retardants, but since it's been proven that they are not safe for human health, they were banned completely.

The purpose of glass fibers in Zinus mattresses is that the fire retardant will form a protective layer that will prevent the mattress from burning completely if the product catches fire. If you buy a mattress with glass fibers in it, you will find them woven into the internal cover layer, which is also the case with Zinus mattresses.

It is worthy of note that glass fibers are only present inside the mattress and not on the product's outer layer. Accordingly, there are no glass fibers in the outer stretch knit cover, so you cannot sleep directly on it. Nevertheless, when people take out the outer cover to wash itit has a zipper that indicates it is washableglass fibers will inevitably escape in the room, eventually contaminating your entire house.

Because glass fibers in mattresses are microscopic, they are challenging to clean up once they escape the mattress, making them very difficult to remove from your home. For this reason, people who were injured by the glass fibers in Zinus mattresses are entitled to financial compensation from the liable company.

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