Aggravation of asthma and bronchitis – toxic mattresses claims

Both asthma and bronchitis are chronic respiratory conditions that can be aggravated by certain environmental factors, such as tobacco smoke. Among these environmental factors, there is also fiberglass, which is extremely irritating to the airways and the lungs. One of the least common places one would expect to find fiberglass is their mattress, but this is, unfortunately, the case of millions of people who sleep on memory foam mattresses. Lately, the mattresses of Nectar and Ashley Furniture have been under scrutiny, as not only do they contain fiberglass in their inner layer, but they also have a zipper on the outer cover, indicating to consumers that it is alright to take it off. However, this is the biggest mistake people can make, as if they remove the cover, fiberglass exposure and contamination are bound to occur. If a person with asthma or bronchitis opens a mattress with fiberglass inside and their symptoms become worse, or they develop a significantly worse condition, we encourage them to contact our law firm, as we can help people injured by defective products recover compensation.

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Asthma, the most prevalent chronic disease among children, can be fatal

Every year, over 460,000 people experience a deadly asthma attack worldwide. A severe asthma attack can prevent the person from getting enough oxygen into their lungs and can even stop their breathing. Therefore, it is paramount that people with asthma avoid triggers as much as possible and have their inhalers handy at all times. Some of the symptoms of asthma that exposure to the fiberglass in a Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress can worsen are the following:

  • shortness of breath
  • wheezing
  • chest tightness
  • coughing

Bronchitis can become worse with fiberglass exposure as well. If you have asthma or bronchitis, you might come to struggle with serious health complications, such as the irreversible narrowing of the tubes that carry air to and from your lungs, respiratory failure, and pneumothorax, which is the collection of air in the lung that results in the lung collapsing. Therefore, fiberglass exposure is very dangerous for people with chronic respiratory problems such as asthma or bronchitis.

When someone inhales fiberglass, the large shards might become trapped in the upper airway, whereas the small fibers might reach deep down the lungs. Some of the fibers are removed from the body via sneezing or coughing and the body's defense mechanisms. Nevertheless, a considerable amount of fiberglass stays in the lungs, being able to lead to serious health complications over the years. These are some of the severe respiratory problems people with asthma or bronchitis can experience following exposure to the fiberglass in their Nectar of Ashley Furniture mattresses:

  • pulmonary fibrosis
  • acute eosinophilic pneumonia
  • pulmonary sarcoidosis
  • small airway obstruction
  • granulomatous lymphadenitis

How fiberglass exposure can worsen asthma and bronchitis symptoms

People who have asthma or bronchitis and took off the cover of their Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress can immediately experience the aggravation of their symptoms, as particles of fiberglass will become airborne, and they will unavoidably inhale the irritant. A more aggressive cough, frequent sneezing, and a sore throat are usually the signs that your asthma or bronchitis is getting worse because of fiberglass exposure.

For this reason, you should dispose of the problematic mattress immediately by placing it somewhere where it can no longer cause damage to you or your home and move in with someone else or in a hotel room while a professional cleaning team is taking care of the fiberglass in your home. You should never try to remove fiberglass from your hose by yourself, as you will most likely cause more harm than good, and, furthermore, you will risk your health as well by further exposing yourself to fiberglass.

Our attorneys will file a toxic mattress claim on your behalf if you were injured by fiberglass

We have been pursuing compensation for people affected by toxic agents and defective products for over two decades, which means we have what it takes to handle your toxic mattress claim. If you removed the cover of your Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress and were harmed by the fiberglass in it or it contaminated your home, you should give us a call to obtain financial compensation from the manufacturer. After calling our legal staff, you just have to describe your circumstances in detail, answer a series of questions, and send us evidence that you own a problematic mattress.

After receiving all the necessary documents, our skilled lawyers will thoroughly assess your case to establish whether you qualify for filing a toxic mattress claim. If you are, they will begin preparing it for submission along with their legal team while you can carry on as usual with your life, as we will take it upon ourselves to attend to the most challenging aspects of the legal process on your behalf. We will present you with the largest sum of money you are entitled to for your injuries or property damage from the liable company within several months.