Gastrointestinal problems – toxic mattresses claims

Another health issue exposure to the fiberglass in a mattress can result in concerns gastrointestinal problems, as when you spend time in a room whose air is clouded with fiberglass, you unavoidably ingest some of it. This may subsequently lead to stomach irritation and other unpleasant symptoms for which you will have to seek medical attention. Although the amount of fiberglass you can breathe in after a Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress is opened might not be large, it can still cause serious issues along the gastrointestinal tract. If you slept on a mattress that had been leaking fiberglass or removed the outer cover of one and now struggle with gastrointestinal problems, you should get in touch with our law firm, as you are most likely eligible for financial compensation from the responsible manufacturer. Not only obtaining the money you deserve will help you with your medical expenses but taking action against a negligent company might deter it from acting like this in the future.

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Most people exposed to fiberglass develop respiratory problems, but others experience gastrointestinal issues

Once you remove the cover of a Nectar or Ashley Furniture memory foam mattress, which is a defective product due to the presence of the zipper, the inner layer of fiberglass will be exposed. The slightest disturbance can make fiberglass airborne, and people who spend time in the contaminated room usually have no idea there is fiberglass in the air. Consequently, they inhale a significant amount of tiny shards of glass and also ingest fiberglass. Even though gastrointestinal symptoms associated with fiberglass exposure are less common, they can still occur and include:

  • stomach irritation
  • bloating
  • small intestine irritation
  • gastroesophageal reflux disease

When you swallow fiberglass, some of the sharp particles will become attached to the lining of your stomach and the small intestine, which might cause severe irritation. Even though this health issue might solve itself within several weeks, you should document it by visiting a medical specialist and requesting copies of your medical records if you want to file a claim against Nectar or Ashley Furniture, which we strongly encourage you to do as soon as you are healthy again.

How exposure to fiberglass from a memory foam mattress can cause gastrointestinal problems

When you spend time in a room that has fiberglass floating in the air, you will unavoidably swallow some particles when you breathe or talk, which can become embedded in the lining of your esophagus, stomach, or small intestine. Once attached to internal tissue, fiberglass will cause inflammation and irritation, as it is a foreign object that your body will strive to reject. In turn, this may lead to gastrointestinal problems.

If you have minor symptoms, you should also go to the doctor, as you cannot know the extent of the damage the fiberglass has done to your gastrointestinal tract otherwise. This will also help you gather the evidence you need to document your injury if you wish to file a toxic mattress claim with the liable manufacturer. Lastly, you will also receive the treatment you need if your gastrointestinal problems are more severe than you have initially thought.

Our lawyers will assist you with filing a toxic mattresses claim if you were injured by fiberglass

With nearly 30 years of experience, our attorneys and legal team will dedicate their efforts to recovering the maximum financial compensation you are entitled to from the liable mattress company if you were injured by fiberglass. If you have a Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress with fiberglass as a flame retardant and you removed the outer cover, which led to injuries or home contamination, you are most likely eligible to file a claim. To discover whether you meet the requirements, give us a call, and we will figure your situation out in less than 20 minutes.

After you call our legal staff, you should explain your situation thoroughly, answer our questions, and send our experts proof that you own a problematic mattress, as well as evidence of your injuries or property damage. Our lawyers will carefully analyze your case, and if they deem you eligible, they will soon begin working on your toxic mattress claim. In the meantime, you are free to carry on as usual, as we will take care of the most difficult aspects of the legal process on your behalf. In the end, you will receive the money you deserve from the liable manufacturer.