Nectar mattress cases

At one point, Nectar was the fastest-growing e-commerce company in the United States. So far, it has sold over 2 million mattresses across the country, as Nectar has over 4,000 stores in 49 states. The company prides itself on premium materials, quality control, and testing and inspections. Still, the memory foam mattresses it manufactures contain fiberglass as a flame retardant. Fiberglass in a mattress is a telltale sign of inexpensive products, as using safe alternatives such as wool, rayon, or latex is usually pricy. Many owners of Nectar mattresses have been injured by the fiberglass in the product or experienced home contamination with fiberglass, which is extremely challenging to remove even for professionals. If you have a Nectar mattress and were injured by the fiberglass in it and/or your home was contaminated by it, we encourage you to contact our law firm for legal help.

Claim Application

Nectar has not warned of the dangers of fiberglass exposure, so it can be held liable for negligence

Because Nectar mattresses have no flame retardant chemicals, they contain a proprietary sock made of fiberglass, which encases the foams under the cover. In case of a fire, this sock suffocates the oxygen necessary for the fire to burn. The average price for a queen bed Nectar mattress is $400, so the product's price indicates once again the possibility of it containing fiberglass. These are some of the most popular mattresses by Nectar that contain fiberglass:

  • The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress
  • The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  • Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress
  • The Nectar Bundle

As you can see, Nectar manufactures only memory foam mattresses, which means that all of their products contain fiberglass in their inner layer. One of the owners of a Nectar mattress told her story concerning fiberglass in the product. After spilling water on the mattress, she took off the cover, unaware of the risk of fiberglass exposure. In fact, there was no mention of fiberglass on the label of the product, to begin with. Even more, the official website of Nectar has a page explaining that you can remove the cover and wash it if there are big and deep stains on it, but they still advise against it without explaining why.

Soon after the person took off the cover, the apartment was sparkling with fiberglass that could not be entirely removed, and she began having severe nosebleeds, which she also had before discovering the existence of fiberglass in the mattress. This means fiberglass had already been escaping the mattress before removing the outer cover. When she asked a representative of Nectar about the presence of fiberglass in the mattresses, their response was, "The FR barrier stock that surrounds the foam is almost 100% fiberglass, but it's not the nasty kind like insulation, if you beat it up and ground it down it might get bad, but under ordinary wear and tear it's completely harmless".

Eligibility criteria for filing a claim with Nectar

If you want to take legal action against Nectar for having been injured by the fiberglass in their mattresses or for it causing your home to become uninhabitable, you must meet some eligibility requirements. While each case is unique and has its own challenges, people usually have to meet these eligibility criteria if they intend to file a claim with Nectar:

  • the person must own a Nectar mattress that has fiberglass inside as a flame retardant
  • they must have removed the outer cover of the mattress and the fiberglass must have injured and/or contaminated their home
  • the person must be able to prove that they have purchased the mattress and that it is their property

In the unfortunate event that you took off the cover of your Nectar mattress and experienced fiberglass injuries or contamination, you should reach out to our attorneys without hesitation. The cost of medical care and fiberglass removal can be extremely high in this situation and the compensation we can recover for you from the negligent manufacturer will cover a good part of these costs.

The injuries and health problems fiberglass exposure can cause

There are numerous injuries and health problems exposure to fiberglass can result in, some of which require extensive medical attention and periodical visits to the doctor. From shards of glass embedded in the skin to dermatitis, fiberglass exposure is responsible for dozens of health issues. The following are some of the most common injuries and health issues exposure to the fiberglass inside a Nectar mattress can lead to:

If you or one of your family members experienced one of these injuries or health problems, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with our legal team, as you are most likely entitled to financial compensation from Nectar. Our attorneys, who have over 20 years of experience in personal injury and product liability cases, will gladly help you recover financial compensation, which will cover some or all of your medical bills and/or the cost of fiberglass removal from your home.

Fiberglass contamination, a real nightmare for people who own a defective mattress

Lately, many individuals and families have come forward concerning the defective nature of Nectar mattresses. After removing the outer cover of their mattress, which has a zipper, indicating that it is alright and safe to do so, they ended up in the hospital with injuries or aggravated symptoms of preexistent health problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Furthermore, most also experienced fiberglass contamination and had to get rid of most of their belongings.

Having a team of professionals come to your home and clean up the fiberglass contamination may empty your pockets, as the cost of this process can be as high as $10,000 or even higher, depending on the extent of contamination and how large your home is. People who are in this situation should consider contacting our law firm to file a claim with Nectar. Eventually, they will obtain significant financial compensation, which will help them cover the cost of medical care and/or professional fiberglass removal.

Nectar has recently settled a lawsuit

The lawsuit filed against Nectar is known as the "Made in the USA" lawsuit. This is because the company had been claiming that their mattresses were manufactured in our country before it was exposed. Purchasing a mattress made in the U.S. comes with many benefits, such as having peace of mind knowing that your new mattress was designed with environmentally conscious practices and high manufacturing standards. However, this was found to be untrue during the Nectar DreamCloud mattress lawsuit.

On October 8, 2021, Resident Home LLC, which is Nectar Sleep's parent company, and Ran Reske, the owner, paid $753,000 to settle false, misleading, and unsupported claims charges. These claims refer to their Nectar DreamCloud mattresses, which the company claims were designed from 100% USA-made materials. Interestingly, this was the second time the Federal Trade Commission had scrutinized the manufacturer for making false claims about the mattresses' origin. In 2018, Resident Home LLC had previously agreed to an administrative order resolving allegations that it misleadingly advertised imported beds as "Assembled in the USA."

We offer quality legal assistance to people injured by the fiberglass in their Nectar mattress

If you had not known about the defective nature of Nectar mattresses and took off the cover of yours, exposing the inner layer of fiberglass and injuring yourself and/or causing fiberglass contamination in your home, you should reach out to our attorneys. They will efficiently help you file a claim with the manufacturer, which will result in the maximum financial compensation you are entitled to. You should not worry that the legal process will be time-consuming, as, after we collect all the details we need from you, you are free to carry on with your life. We will contact you to keep you up to date with your case and, of course, to get your compensation when your case is solved. Our attorneys have over two decades of experience in handling personal injury and product liability cases, so choosing us is a wise idea.