Upper respiratory infections – toxic mattresses claims

Referring to infections that affect the sinuses and throat, upper respiratory infections are caused by a virus in the vast majority of cases. However, they can be the consequence of bacteria or fungi reaching the upper respiratory tract as well. Upper respiratory infections are most common in children, as their immune system is still developing, making their bodies more vulnerable to sickness. Fiberglass exposure from a mattress can also lead to the development of upper respiratory infections. This is because the presence of fiberglass, which is very irritating, in the lungs makes the person more susceptible to being affected by pathogens. While this is not a very serious health injury, it is still the result of fiberglass exposure, so if you intend to file a claim, you should document it by keeping your medical reports and requesting a copy of your medical records. Even if this is the only injury exposure to fiberglass from a problematic mattress has caused you, we advise you to file a claim to hold the company liable and to obtain compensation.

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If fiberglass is present along the respiratory system, it can trigger a macrophagic reaction

A macrophagic reaction occurs when white blood cells begin attacking and destroying the cells of the body that are not healthy. When the immune system causes this reaction, it works extremely hard to defend the body against fiberglass, making it the main priority. On the other hand, it allows pathogens to enter the upper respiratory system and subsequently cause infection because it no longer focuses on preventing sickness. Since fiberglass is very irritating to both external and internal tissue, if it is present along the respiratory tract, the person is more prone to developing infections because viruses, bacteria, and fungi can reach it more easily.

The most common upper respiratory infections are:

  • the common cold
  • pharyngitis
  • epiglottitis
  • laryngotracheitis

It is important to note that if fiberglass travels deep down the lungs, it might cause a lower respiratory infection such as pneumonia, which is considerably more serious than the ones above, requiring medical attention and adequate treatment. While upper respiratory infections usually go away on their own, with plenty of fluids, rest, and over-the-counter pain relievers, lower respiratory infections can result in serious health complications if the person does not receive treatment. If you developed a lower respiratory infection due to fiberglass exposure or if your upper respiratory infection has worsened, becoming a lower respiratory infection, you have all the more reason to file a claim with Nectar or Ashley Furniture.

How to know if you breathed in fiberglass from a defective mattress

If you have a Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress whose outer cover you took off for washing and fiberglass was released in the room, you unavoidably inhaled some of it, which increases your risk of developing upper respiratory infections. However, fiberglass cannot be eliminated from your body completely, as some of the shards are microscopic and have rough edges, which causes embedment in the tissue that lines your respiratory system.

Moreover, if you disturbed the mattress while the inner layer of fiberglass was exposed by sitting or jumping on it, a significant amount of fiberglass was inevitably released. The telltale signs of fiberglass inhalation are coughing, sneezing, and a sore throat. In the regrettable event that you breathed in fiberglass, you have no other option but to wait for your body to eliminate it by itself. If your health is eventually affected, you should not think twice and file a claim with the negligent company after you receive the medical assistance you need.

We are committed to offering you the legal assistance you need if you wish to file a toxic mattress claim

Since 1990, we have been filing claims on behalf of people injured by toxic agents or defective products. Therefore, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you file a toxic mattress claim if you own a Nectar or Ashley Furniture mattress that caused you fiberglass injuries or contaminated your home with fiberglass. All you have to do to start the legal process is give us a call, explain your situation, answer our questions, and provide our legal experts with proof that you own a problematic mattress.

Our skilled attorneys will thoroughly analyze your case by considering every factor to determine whether you qualify for compensation from the manufacturer. If you do, they will begin working on your claim together with their legal team, while you can go on with your life as usual in the meantime, as we take it upon ourselves to take care of the most challenging aspects of the legal process for you. Eventually, we will offer you the largest sum of money available for your injuries or property damage from the liable mattress company.