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Exposed to asbestos at their workplace

Before 1980, when the use of asbestos was properly regulated in the workplace, people who were holding down a job at weapon manufactures were moderately exposed to the carcinogenic mineral, as they would have to employ it in the production of weapons. One of our clients recalls polishing the weapons he had manufactured with asbestos, while the entire manufacturing facility was laden with asbestos in the form of construction products such as cement, floor and ceiling tiles, refractory materials and firebricks. For this reason, it is crucial that people who were weapon manufacturers during the last century to undergo periodical medical examination, as they are at considerable risk of developing a disease as a consequence of occupational asbestos exposure.

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Weapon manufacturers were exposed to asbestos on the job to a moderate extent. They would have to polish the weapons with asbestos, as the mineral is very durable and abrasive, and they would also have to wear aprons and gloves made with asbestos to protect themselves from extreme temperatures and fire. Furthermore, the manufacturing facilities they would perform their job in were built with asbestos construction products, which, when disturbed, would release toxic fibers in the air. Subsequently, workers would unknowingly inhale and ingest these carcinogenic fibers. This is why, as a former weapon manufacturer, it is important to undergo regular medical examination, as you have a significant risk of developing a serious disease, such as lung cancer, as a result of occupational asbestos exposure.

Relevant job titles

  • manufacturing engineer
  • mold make apprentice
  • manufacturing ballistics engineer
  • product design engineer
  • firearms describer
  • firearms assembler


Filing a claim with asbestos trust funds does not disqualify you from disability compensation from the VA.

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Diseases contracted after asbestos exposure in weapon manufacturers

If you are diagnosed with a cancerous disease, you or a family member will deal with our staff over the phone and via emails ONLY, no need to travel at all. If you pass away before or during the process, surviving family members will receive the amount awarded by the claims.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If you receive the diagnosis of a noncancerous disease, we will need to do more testing (X-rays, breathing and blood tests) done at our medical facility in Birmingham, Alabama, where you will be accurately diagnosed.

AsbestosisPulmonary FibrosisPleural PlaquesPleural EffusionDiffuse Pleural ThickeningCOPDEmphysemaChronic BronchitisPleurisyLung NodulesLung SpotsAsthmaTuberculosisPneumonitisRounded AtelectasisLung Scarring Bladder Cancer

Companies that exposed weapon manufacturers to asbestos

How can we help weapon manufacturers who were exposed to asbestos?

With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for the victims of asbestos exposure and their family members, our attorneys are here to provide you with quality legal assistance if you are a former weapon manufacturer who came to struggle with a disease as a consequence of occupational asbestos exposure. They will thoroughly review your case and promptly file a claim with the asbestos trust fund of your employer, which will result in substantial compensation for you, compensation which will also help you afford better healthcare and treatment. If the company you worked for does not have a trust fund, our attorneys and their reliable legal team will file a lawsuit against it, which will also result in a considerable amount of compensation. The more serious your diagnosis is, the larger the amount of compensation you will receive will be. Although the legal process is very complex, your involvement will be minimal, as you will only have to send your attorney your employment and medical records as evidence of occupational asbestos exposure and of related diagnosis. Eventually, you will recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to for your physical and emotional suffering.

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