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Bilicia Adams

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I help the clients by patiently gathering solid information to build a case against the manufacturing companies that made these asbestos products. Even if I'm new, I am here to help the clients receive what they want. As part of the ELG team, I have a fun, busy, and interesting job.

Our Difference

Legal Assistant

On a daily basis, Bilicia makes calls to potential clients to introduce them to our law firm. She is also working with our existing clients in order to get as much information as needed - a vital operation for filing asbestos claims.

Searching through medical and work records and thoroughly verifying the collected information, improves clients' chances of receiving the maximum amount of money for their cases.

Sometimes, for various reasons, people might delay giving their information and that may be a challenge for a legal assistant. Nevertheless, Bilicia has a patient and empathetic approach in relation to people.

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