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Anthony F.

I worked in the US Navy for more than 15 years starting 1971 when I entered the military to be a serviceman. I was sent to work in different parts of the US like Newport, San Diego, or Norfolk and I served aboard of various ships, one of them was the Navy USS Sperry AS-12. I’ve been a boatswain for most of my military career. So, I spent much time in the hull where there was an increased risk of inhaling asbestos. In that period, asbestos was present on all the ships used in the military. It was everywhere, in the hull, on deck, in the engine room. As the ship moved, I remember we could even see white dust falling from the pipes. But back in those days, nobody knew that it contained asbestos and how dangerous it was.

After I retired, I got a letter from the Military saying that I was exposed to asbestos. I decided to contact Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. for counseling and I was sent to get checked. I was diagnosed with asbestosis in July 2014. I’m thankful to these fine attorneys who helped me file my claim for asbestos exposure and get compensated for my illness.

My advice to anyone who has worked in the military is to go get checked.