Toxic Exposure

Environmental pollution has been an epidemic for decades. When you think of environmental pollution, it’s often images of oil spills, waste dumped into creeks and rivers, or hazardous waste buried in the ground. But the most serious and dangerous environmental pollutions are those that directly harm a person’s well-being. Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. is a fervent advocate nationwide for victims of toxic exposure.

Helping Polluted Communities Fight Back

Many different industries have haphazardly polluted the soil, water, and air in the environment around them. This avoidable, but often willful contamination has caused untold damage to children, adults, property, and communities in literally hundreds of sites throughout our country. The most severe polluters are often found in the poorest neighborhoods, where members of the community may not have the resources to stand up for themselves.

Various kinds of industrial pollution have been linked to many types of cancer, leukemia, brain damage, birth defects, blood disorders, respiratory problems, and more. The list of diseases caused, or linked to, industrial exposure is exceedingly long.

Governmental and state regulatory agencies exist whose job it is to monitor industrial pollution. However, these agencies are often understaffed and underfunded. It is virtually impossible for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to consistently monitor pollution on a large scale.

Because large industrial companies know that certain emissions and wastes can be hard to curb, or costly to properly dispose of, they hire lobbyists to work on their behalf, often pressuring the EPA and other regulatory agencies into lax standards or little action.

Community Pollution Warning Signs

  • Visual signs of pollution—discarded drums or containers, areas that seem dead and have little or no plant/animal life
  • A higher incidence of sickness and disease. Are there more sick people in your area than elsewhere?

If you believe your community has been polluted by the nearby plant, factory, paper mill, or other industry, here is what you can do:

  • Stand up for your community and organize together. When companies realize they are facing a community that has had enough and will not take any more, it gets their attention.
  • Search out and hire an attorney experienced in handling toxic community exposure cases. This is easier said than done, as there are few attorneys who understand the science of toxic exposure cases while being able to integrate that with the legal practice and theory necessary to build a good case.

Compensation for Toxic Exposure

You can and should be compensated for injuries caused by toxic substances. If you have been a victim of toxic exposure, you can file an environmental toxic tort personal injury and property damage lawsuit. If the court finds that your injury is directly linked to exposure to a toxic substance, you could be awarded compensation to cover your medical costs, emotional trauma, expenses, and property damage. Furthermore, chances are you are not the only victim of exposure. It is extremely rare for a toxic material to affect just one person. Often, toxic tort cases are brought as mass tort lawsuits because of the large number of plaintiffs.

ELG is very experienced in handling toxic exposure community cases. We understand the underlying scientific theories behind the creation of pollution and its effects on the human body. Some of the nation’s premier medical experts in toxicology choose to work with our firm for just this reason. ELG is unsurpassed at merging the science of a case with legal theory to build the best case possible.