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As a member of the community, you may not have the resources to stand up for yourself. Governmental and state regulatory agencies may be understaffed and under-funded.

Our lawyers are dedicated to helping communities fight back when various industries pollute the soil, water and air, exposing numerous people to tremendous health risks.

If you have been affected by toxic exposure, feel free to contact us and we will do all in our power to obtain the most satisfactory outcome for your case.

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Our legal process in various toxic exposure cases

One of our additional goals is to support the municipalities' efforts to construct long-term strategic initiatives that encourage polluters to become more responsible as members of the community.

We are based in Alabama, but our cases take us all over the country. We work through the details, the causation, and the science needed to prove community toxic exposure. Depending on how complex your toxic exposure case is and to how many toxic agents you were exposed to, it can take several months to several years to obtain compensation, so finding the best legal assistance is crucial.

One way toxic exposure occurs is from contaminated products such as food and cosmetics. A relevant example in this respect is talcum powder, which is contaminated with asbestos. With regular use, the asbestos particles end up in the body and can trigger, over the years, a disease like cancer. If you wonder how toxic agents end up in consumer products, the answer is simple – negligence on the manufacturer's part. Another toxic product that has been receiving a lot of attention lately is baby food, which contains alarming concentrations of heavy metals. If you developed cancer or another disease as a consequence of using a product that was adulterated, we encourage you to contact our attorneys.

In addition to personal injury claims, our skilled lawyers also take on product liability claims. Therefore, if you have been using a product and developed a disease or had an accident, you can get in touch with us to recover the compensation you are entitled to. Negligent manufacturers must be held liable. This can happen only if more and more injured people come forward with evidence of the injuries caused by the defective products.

We Handle Community Toxic Exposure Cases

$9.25 million

The North Birmingham toxic exposure community case resulted in $9.25 million. Multiple industrial facilities operating in the area have released high levels of toxins in the air and numerous residents have been exposed to these hazardous substances. The case was settled outside of litigation and the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. have successfully obtained compensation for the affected people.

$12.5 million

The Florala toxic exposure community case resulted in $12.5 million. The residents of the Florala and Lockhart communities in South Alabama have been exposed to toxins by a wood treatment facility located between the two towns. This case was also settled outside of litigation, with substantial compensation being recovered by the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.

Amount TBD

Two large industrial facilities located in East Saint Louis, Illinois have exposed residents living in the nearby areas to dioxins and PCBs, both extremely dangerous chemicals with devastating health effects. At the moment, the case is moving through litigation with one defendant and through settlement with the other.

Amount TBD

The residents of Selma, Alabama have been exposed to toxins released by a paper mill located in the city. Some of the chemicals employed in the process of paper manufacturing are carcinogenic and prolonged exposure can result in devastating diseases. The case is currently handled by the highly experienced attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.

Amount TBD

A paper mill in Prattville, Alabama is responsible for exposing residents to hazardous chemical substances which can result in serious injuries. The toxic exposure community case is currently handled by the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C., who are striving to obtain fair compensation for the damages.

Amount TBD

The residents of St. Louis, Missouri have been exposed to toxins and radioactive materials situated in dangerous proximity to their neighborhood. Exposure to radiation can have terrible effects on the human body and can even lead to cancer. The toxic exposure community case is being handled by the skilled attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.

$72 million

In September of 2021, our attorneys and the legal team recovered considerable financial compensation for six clients who had been exposed to dioxins. Because they developed terrible diseases and health problems as a consequence of toxic exposure, they filed a lawsuit, which resulted in no less than $72 million.

Specializing in environmental law, our attorneys will recover the compensation you deserve

We have a legal experience of over 20 years, over the course of which our lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout the U.S. in their litigation cases. If you have been injured following prolonged exposure to pollutants or if your quality of life decreased dramatically due to toxic exposure, you may be eligible for substantial compensation. Our professional staff is permanently at your disposal, willing to listen and offer you the guidance you need. Our standard fee is 40% and we work on a contingency fee basis. That means we only collect that fee if we are able to recover compensation for you, usually from the asbestos trust funds. If we do not recover anything, you will not have any out-of-pocket expenses.

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