Why choose ELG Federal?

Why choose ELG Federal? video

What sets us apart

  • Customer focus – We communicate clearly and efficiently with our clients to determine the right solutions that will meet their requirements expeditiously
  • Value-oriented pricing – We provide quality services that meet our clients’ demands for cost-efficient solutions
  • Best practice recruitment – We identify, maintain, place and manage the right professionals for key personnel positions
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Environmental Litigation Group, PC, also operating as ELG Federal, is a Certified Minority Business SBE registered in SAM with a proven capacity to provide professional services for government agencies at a national level.  For more than 20 years we have provided clients with a comprehensive range of services in the areas of:

  • Professional staffing
  • Debt collection
  • Auditing
  • Environmental consulting
  • Novel technology solutions

ELG Federal holds multiple GSA contracts and updated certifications, placing our customers’ interests first as part of our commitment and reputation. We have extensive experience in foreclosure and debt collection, successfully recovering over $2 billion for more than 25,000 clients. Our attorneys and legal assistants are dedicated to recovering outstanding debts, ensuring that our nation’s businesses and Government Agencies can operate efficiently and serve our communities.

We have also developed EPA-compliant environmental regulatory policies for municipalities and industries, enforced regulatory compliance, assessed and advised in Qui Tam lawsuits, and provided many other services where environmental matters and the law meet.

We embrace a company culture focused on satisfying and exceeding expectations, employing best practices to recruit and maintain a pool of skilled professionals. We credit our success to our uncompromised dedication to finding and placing the right candidates that can best serve our clients’ needs, work, and occupational environment. We have the right experience and time-proven passion to identify, place and manage the key personnel that your department requires.

Experienced Leadership

Achieving the results that have consolidated us as an industry leader requires seasoned professionals with time-tested expertise that are committed to providing our customers with appropriate solutions to comprehensively meet their needs.

Dr. Gerald Austin Sr.

Dr. Gerald Austin Sr. acts as a key executive advisor in developing Federal, State, and Local Business Development Plan/Strategy for Environmental Litigation Group, PC Federal Division.

Our Services

ELG Federal uses technological innovation to mitigate costs, increase efficiency and achieve exemplary results on our clients’ behalf. Our services include:

  • Professional Legal Services (541110) – We help agencies with comprehensive professional legal assistance for the resolution, management, and/or disposition of assets in the Federal Government’s custody.
  • Debt Collection Services (561440) – We provide collection services as well as servicing defaulted loans, including borrower negotiations, restructuring, and workout settlements.
  • Auditing Services (541211) – We use our proprietary ELGCorrectCollect™ software in proactive recovery actions to recuperate funds owed to the Federal Government.
  • Environmental Consulting Services (541620) – We perform hazardous problem identification, risk assessment, remediation, and decontamination, and Covid-19 compliance.
  • IT Professional Services (54151S) – We provide novel IT products, database planning & design, programming, systems analysis, network services, project management, and conversion & implementation support.
  • Health IT Services (54151HEAL) – We offer a comprehensive spectrum of health IT services including analytics and informatics, PHI management, emerging research, and novel solutions.

Primary NAICS Codes

  • 541110 – Professional Legal Services
  • 541199 – All Other Legal Services
  • 541211 – Offices of Certified Public Accountant
  • 541219 – Other Accounting Services
  • 541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
  • 541620 – Environmental Consulting Services
  • 541990 – All Other Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
  • 541120 – Office of Notaries
  • 561440 – Debt Collection Agencies