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With over 25 years of experience

Our Difference

Helping toxic exposure victims and family members

Gregory A. Cade
As an attorney with over 25 years of experience in the field of toxic exposure, I make sure that every client understands that there is an open-door relationship that we will have for life.

Gregory A. Cade, attorney

Kevin McKie
I believe that our attorneys are the best when it comes to toxic community exposure cases and they have a personal relationship with all of our clients affected by exposure to toxic substances, and defective products.

Kevin McKie, attorney

Gary Anderson
What I always tell my clients when they come to me is that they should first worry about their health. We will recover compensation on your behalf and ensure that you receive quality healthcare.

Gary Anderson, attorney

Channika DeSilva
There are no other lawyers such as the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group. They will help you in collecting medical and other forms of evidence to prove that your illness was indeed caused by regular exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Channika DeSilva, attorney

Chandler Duncan
My focus at ELG has been complex environmental toxic tort cases involving community and occupational exposures. My master’s degree has allowed me to take an untraditional approach to this area of law, one that centers on both the environmental and personal health of our clients.

Chandler Duncan, attorney

Daniel Snyder
I love working at a firm that cares about people. The Environmental Litigation Group has a long history of prioritizing people over corporations and using its resources to fight for the little guy.

Daniel Snyder, attorney

Yahn Olson
I can honestly say that our attorneys are some of the most dedicated people I’ve ever met when it comes to assisting toxic exposure victims. They are both straightforward and compassionate with our clients, which is something we greatly take pride in.

Yahn Olson, attorney

Determined advocates for toxic exposure victims in U.S.

The strength behind our professional successes comes from the ways in which we continuously strive to support, complete and challenge each other’s work.

We believe that our achievements are a reflection of the vast experience and ingenuity of our attorneys backed up by the resourcefulness and proficiency of our paralegals and staff.

We aim to make the best of each other’s work so that we can confidently be of service to our clients.

Meet Our Staff

Environmental litigation attorneys and expertise

In over 25+ years of experience, we have only practiced as a toxic exposure & environmental litigation firm. We practice in a very specialized area of law and we help clients that were exposed to chemical hazards such as gases, vapors, fumes, and dust/fibers in occupational settings and who years later have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, such as cancer. Our solid team of lawyers and specialized staff is truly devoted to representing former industrial workers, veterans, families, and communities, to recover fair compensation for their injuries.

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