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We provide essential legal representation for those exposed to asbestos and other toxins in an occupational or environmental setting and obtain maximum recovery for them and their family members. Our primary focus is on asbestos exposure, which leads to several lung problems and cancer diagnosis.

We believe all available remedies for asbestos injuries should be examined together. A coordinated approach can turn out to recover much more than a settlement of one claim. Our clients and their families need overall solutions to overall problems, and the coordinated handling of all possible asbestos claims produces the greatest benefits.

Our History

133,433 asbestos exposure claims handled throughout the U.S.

Each environmental case is unique. Not many lawyers do this type of work. We have handled thousands of cases that have taken us all over the country. You are not required to file your asbestos claim in the state where you live. It's more important to work with experienced asbestos attorneys with proven results than it is to select one attorney in your area. A successful personal injury attorney may have never handled asbestos cases. We have a core group of attorneys and staff that have worked solely on asbestos cases for almost 22 years.

"We're a team of experienced attorneys and staff with over 20 years of legal experience, with a scientific background in Industrial Hygiene, and a real drive to take care of cases in the most detailed manner. We work hard and conscientiously to serve your best interest. We had relatives or loved ones that got sick due to asbestos exposure: they care about you and each and every client and they treat everyone as an individual, not just as a case."

Owner & Attorney Gregory Cade

Why Environmental Litigation Group P.C.?

Professionalism & Knowledge | Motivation & Gratitude | Your Case Is Personal To Us

We successfully recovered over $1.4 billion for over 25,000 asbestos-exposed clients, developed EPA-compliant environmental regulatory policies for municipalities and industry, enforced regulatory compliance and provided many more services where environmental matters and law meet. We have capabilities such as comprehensive discovery, case development, management, and litigation of environmental cases, specializing in those related to public health - personal injury, property damage, and compliance. We deal with asbestos exposure cases, from moderate to severe, taking the time to listen, research, make a case and personally handle each client with care and compassion.

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How do we handle your asbestos exposure claim?

Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. has been successfully handling asbestos exposure claims all over the country for the past 25 years. Our attorneys offer legal assistance, consultation and representation for everyone whose health has been affected by exposure to asbestos. After you contact us, we will quickly evaluate your case and determine whether you are eligible for financial compensation. If you meet the requirements, we will efficiently take care of all the necessary legal aspects and dedicate our endeavors to helping you recover the maximum compensation available.

In addition to the information we gather from you, our experts will also research your case thoroughly in order to discover other relevant details, which might ensure the success of your case. You can benefit from the following services as well: