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Heavy Metals Exposure Lawyers

Heavy metals such as lead and mercury are well-known for causing serious health issues across the globe. Our attorneys provide quality legal representation for people whose quality of life has been severely impacted by exposure to heavy metals. We have a professional experience of 20 years, over the course of which we have successfully helped thousands of clients throughout the U.S.

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The Consumption of Contaminated Fish and Shellfish Is Responsible for Up to 90% of All Mercury in the Human Body

Exposure to heavy metals is preponderantly environmental. It occurs when one consumes contaminated food products or water, inhales vapors of toxic metals, as well as when their skin is in contact with particles of heavy metals. Mercury and lead, for instance, are toxic by ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption. Lead can infiltrate our drinking water through pipe corrosion, which is why it is now mandatory for public water treatment operators to provide pH adjustments. Long-term exposure effects include behavioral disruptions in children, hallucinations and personality changes. Heavy metals can also affect the circulatory, digestive, reproductive and nervous system. Moreover, occupational exposure to mercury poses a tremendous threat to the health of employees. Over 15 million gold miners are working with mercury worldwide.

Therefore, if you have been extensively exposed to heavy metals and developed severe conditions, it is highly recommended to file a claim against the responsible party in order to receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys will dedicate their time and effort to obtaining the most satisfactory outcome for your case.


Our attorneys provide quality legal representation for people whose quality of life has been severely impacted by exposure to heavy metals.

How Do We Pursue Heavy Metals Exposure Cases?

  • Whether you would like to find out additional information regarding the process or you have already decided to file a claim, our lawyers are always at your disposal, willing to answer your question and provide the information you need. If you are bound to file a claim, you should share as many details as you can remember regarding your exposure with us in order for our lawyers to decide on the most appropriate actions.
  • We will also do extensive research and fill in any missing details, which may prove to be essential for the success of your case. Our attorneys will prepare all the necessary legal documents for you.
  • The resolution will generally follow shortly after submission. If a strong connection between your diagnosis and exposure to heavy metals can be properly demonstrated, you will receive the sum you are eligible for.

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If you suffer from a condition, which might have been developed due to exposure to heavy metals, you may be eligible for substantial compensation. Thus, we strongly encourage you to contact us.

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