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Michael Bartlett: ELG's involvement in government regulations

Michael Bartlett: What kind of cases does ELG file?

Michael Bartlett: What is ELG best at?

Michael Bartlett: What is a cancer cluster?

Michael Bartlett: Director of claims

Treven Pyles - Who does ELG serve?

Connecting information through IT solutions

Treven Pyles - What makes ELG unique?

Treven Pyles - Administrative Director

Increasing awareness of toxic exposure

Serving clients in multiple states

Eddie Perry - Circulation

Eddie Perry - Procurement clerk

Amelia de Buys - Attorneys

Amelia de Buys - What kind of cases we file

Preventing toxic exposure

Amelia de Buys - Work environment

Amelia de Buys - Paralegal

Clients from Puerto Rico

Is the process complicated for the client?

How does ELG serve the community?

Wendy Garmon - What kind of cases we file?

Wendy Garmon - ELG partnerships

Wendy Garmon - Paralegal

Wendy Garmon - Behind the scenes

How does ELG help veterans?

Wendy Garmon - Science background

How do clients keep up with their case?

Wendy Garmon - Support staff

Kevin McKie: Why big companies prefer poor communities?

Kevin McKie: Who uses AFFF?

Kevin McKie: Our work behind the scenes

Kevin KcKie: some of the cases we settled

Kevin McKie: is filing a case complicated?

Kevin McKie: screening process

Kevin McKie: membership affiliations

Kevin McKie: the most satisfying part if the job

Kevin McKie: Legal experience before ELG

Kevin McKie attorney

ELG's goals

Is suing the military unpatriotic?

We represent active duty military

How we serve our clients

We are a contingency firm

Mechanisms for chemical testing

The relationship with our clients

Municipal clients consultation

Who does the research at ELG?

ELG's support staff

What is ELG's expertise?

Our litigation process

Memberships & partnerships

What kind of cases we file

The attorneys' experience

Gary Anderson: the ELG attorneys

Who do we serve

Gary Anderson - traveling for work

Gary Anderson - job experience

Gary Anderson about joining ELG

Attorney Gary Anderson

VA ratings

Principal attorney: Gregory A. Cade

Who was exposed to AFFF and where?

What is AFFF and why is it toxic?

How does a chemical cause an autoimmune disease

How we manage our caseload

The process of filing a claim

Is filing a case complicated?

Team work at ELG

We do a particular type of litigation

What kind of cases we do at ELG

Co-counseling at ELG

We work with government organizations

Who are our clients

Who are we?

Pro Hac Vice

We serve clients nationwide

What does What does ELG do?

Can people get misdiagnosed?

How can somebody tell if their illness was caused by AFFF?

Channika DeSilva: how can our clients get tested?

Channika DeSilva: ELG's database

Can clients call from all the states?

Channika DeSilva: ELG a leader in the industry

Channika DeSilva: ALAJ partnership

Channika DeSilva: ELG's reputation

Channika DeSilva about working at ELG

Channika DeSilva Gonzalez

What is the statute of limitations on asbestos related illness

What does it cost to bring an asbestos exposure claim

Cancers that are related to asbestos exposure

Should I be tested for an asbestos related illness?

How much asbestos exposure does it take to get an asbestos related disease

How can you prove asbestos exposure

How do you know if your disease is related to asbestos exposure

How to file an asbestos lawsuit

Can roofers be exposed to asbestos?

Railroad workers can be exposed to asbestos

Can mechanics be exposed to asbestos?

Electricians can be exposed to asbestos

Can COPD be related to asbestos exposure?

Can asbestos exposure cause birth defects?

Meet Wendy Stevens

Meet Kathy Tucker

Our staff

Asbestos product identification

Asbestos case court filing vs trust claim

Our experienced team

Mesothelioma & other asbestos related diseases

Other types of cases we handle

Over 100 years old asbestos documentation

Why community cases take so long?

Environmental Litigation Group virtual tour

Susan B. - husband died of asbestosis - client testimonial

Why is it important to get screened for asbestos?

What are asbestos bankruptcy trusts and how do they work?

About Alan Brasher

Remote screenings for asbestos throughout US

Early diagnosis in asbestos patients

Evaluation of the level of asbestos in lungs

What physicians need to know and do for asbestos patients?

What is a B-Reader - William H. Durham

Gregory A. Cade: what makes us unique

How does compensation work in an asbestos case?

What are asbestos bankruptcy trusts?

Asbestos diseases explained

Who do I sue after asbestos exposure?

Meet Amy S.

Hubert L. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

Johnny A. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

Veronica C. - father died of lung cancer caused by asbestos - client testimonial

Larry E. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

Elna N. - husband died of lung cancer caused by asbestos - client testimonial

Calvin E. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

Rayfield C. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

Timothy M. - uncle died of mesothelioma - client testimonial

Charles W. - asbestosis victim - client testimonial

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