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As emerging contaminants, PFAS are becoming more and more prevalent in the environment. These chemicals are highly toxic, as exposure can lead to the development of many terrible diseases, including cancer. PFAS are present in the firefighting foam AFFF, on military bases nationwide, and in the drinking water of communities. Removing these chemicals is a challenging endeavor, even with the most innovative technology. If you were exposed to PFAS as a firefighter, military veteran, airport, public water system, or private well owner, we encourage you to contact our diligent attorneys, whose main practice area is toxic exposure. They will help you determine whether you are entitled to financial compensation for your injury or to treat the drinking water of your community.

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PFAS exposure claims for victims and family members


While PFAS exposure can occur under many circumstances, it is important to know that our attorneys can offer legal assistance only to certain categories of individuals or communities.

Our law firm can help you file a PFAS exposure claim in the following cases:

With over 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims, our skilled attorneys will gladly help you file a claim if you came to struggle with a disease as a result of PFAS exposure or if your community is drinking water contaminated with these harmful chemicals.

The following illnesses qualify for filing a claim for PFAS exposure:

Firefighters injured by PFAS exposure might qualify for compensation

By virtue of the recently introduced Firefighter PFAS Injury Compensation Act of 2024, firefighters who worked for at least two years in this occupational field and developed a health condition related to PFAS exposure, cancerous or non-cancerous, might be able to obtain financial compensation from the Secretary of Health and Human Services. They have up to two years after the regulations are finalized to submit their claim form.

Quality legal assistance for PFAS exposure victims

Since 1990, our attorneys have been dedicating their efforts to pursuing compensation for toxic exposure victims and are ready to help you, too. Whether you are a firefighter, military veteran, city/airport, public water system, or private well owner, if you were injured by PFAS exposure, chances are you are eligible to file a claim.

Our legal process is simple and requires minimal involvement from you. If you are too ill to participate, you do not have to worry, as our compassionate legal team will do everything in its power to accommodate you and will also take care of the most complex aspects on your behalf. We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not have to pay us anything unless we recover financial compensation for you.

PFAS Contamination in the United States

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