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As a group of chemicals that are persistent environmental pollutants, dioxins accumulate in the food chain, primarily in the fatty tissue of animals. They are mostly present in meat and dairy, as well as in fish and shellfish. Once dioxins reach the inside of the body, they remain there forever, being able to cause a wide range of serious diseases, such as damage to the immune system and cancer. Dioxins are released into the environment by burning chlorine-based chemical compounds with hydrocarbons. The primary source of dioxins in the environment comes from waste-burning incinerators. If you or your community were affected by dioxins exposure, you are entitled to financial compensation, which our legal team will recover for you by filing a lawsuit or a class-action lawsuit.

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Contaminated food products account for 90% of all dioxins exposure

As some of the most toxic chemicals known to science, dioxins have also been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as a carcinogen.

These substances are frequently the by-product of various industrial processes such as waste incineration, chemical and pesticide manufacturing, as well as pulp and paper bleaching.

However, contaminated food products such as meat, fish, shellfish, and dairy account for most cases of exposure. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there is no safe level of exposure to dioxins. The following are other sources of dioxins:

  • combustion sources
  • metals smelting
  • refining and processing sources
  • chemical manufacturing sources
  • natural sources
  • environmental reservoirs

Dioxins are very toxic and can interfere with hormones and lead to the development of numerous very serious health problems. Unfortunately, all humans are exposed to dioxins to a certain extent. When heavy exposure occurs, people are more likely to come to struggle with a health problem. A very important source of dioxins is the chemical industry, which contaminates the environment with dioxins by releasing various toxic agents that contain these chemicals in the atmosphere. Dioxins can be released into the air, water, and subsequently in sediments, land, waste, and other products. The following are the health problems heavy exposure to dioxins can cause:

  • impairment of the immune system
  • liver problems
  • endocrine disruption
  • nervous system problems
  • birth defects
  • reproductive system problems
  • cardiovascular disease
  • breast cancer
  • endometrial cancer
  • testicular cancer
  • developmental problems
  • hormonal issues

It is worthy of note that dioxins are not produced or used commercially in the United States. They are a contaminant that is created during the production of some chlorinated organic compounds, including a few herbicides such as Silvex. Over recent years, the Environmental Protection Agency has been striving to reduce the production of dioxins and their release in the environment. Although the environmental concentration of dioxins has decreased over the past 30 years, dioxins are very persistent compounds and break down very slowly. A large part of current exposures to dioxins in the country is due to releases that occurred decades ago, such as from pollution or fires. The following are other ways in which dioxins are released in the environment:

  • burning: combustion processes such as waste incineration – commercial or municipal – or burning fuels such as wood, coal or oil, create dioxins
  • bleaching: chlorine bleaching of pulp and paper and other industrial processes release small amounts of dioxins in the environment
  • smoking: cigarette smoke also contains a small amount of dioxins
  • drinking water: dioxins can find their way into drinking water by air emissions from waste incineration, deposition from air to the soil that erodes into surface waters used for drinking water, and discharges into the water from chemical factories

If you or people in your community developed serious diseases as a consequence of dioxin exposure, you are entitled to financial compensation from the companies that released these toxic chemicals into the environment. Our law firm, which specializes in toxic exposure cases, will help you recover the money you are eligible for by filing a lawsuit or a class-action lawsuit against each and every company responsible for your diagnoses. If you decide to work with us, you are bound to receive the largest sum of money available for your suffering.

File a dioxin exposure lawsuit with the help of our skilled legal team

With over 25 years of experience in providing legal assistance to victims of toxic exposure, our legal team is ready to help you obtain the financial compensation you are entitled to from the responsible companies if you were exposed to dioxins and came to struggle with a health problem as a consequence. We will take care of everything on your behalf and you will only be required to provide us with the basic information. Your lawsuit or class-action lawsuit will be filed against all the liable companies and you will eventually receive the money you deserve if you choose to work with our law firm, which is free of charge unless we recover compensation for you, as we operate on a contingency fee basis.