Will I Receive Additional Compensation If I Develop a Second Asbestos-Related Disease?

by Kathy Tucker on January 16, 2019

Yes. Victims of exposure who currently receive money from asbestos trust funds are eligible for additional compensation if they develop another related disease.

The more aggressive the disease, the higher the compensation

If asbestos exposure causes you multiple diseases, you have the right to claim financial compensation from asbestos trust funds for each. Similarly, if your original illness worsens or gives way to a more aggressive one, such as lung cancer or mesothelioma, you can recover additional compensation, as your physical and emotional suffering will inevitably increase. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for victims of asbestos exposure to develop more than one disease - for instance, asbestosis can co-occur with gastrointestinal or colorectal cancer, as toxic fibers can travel through the body after inhalation and thereby affect other organs as well.

Calculating the precise amount of money you can receive for a second asbestos-related disease is impossible, because each case is unique and each asbestos trust fund pays out a different percentage of the compensation you qualify for. Nonetheless, a lawyer specialized in asbestos litigation will be able to estimate the sum of money you are eligible for after your initial consultation. Generally, mesothelioma has the highest value, since this is the most serious disease caused by exposure to asbestos. Oftentimes, people who suffer from mesothelioma receive over $1 million from asbestos trust funds. A diagnosis of lung cancer also means significant compensation. For asbestosis, however, the compensation amount is usually lower.

Some of the factors which can increase or decrease the amount of money you will receive are:

  • the duration and severity of exposure
  • the size and number of asbestos trust funds you file with

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