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Exposed to Asbestos at their workplace

The laborers risked exposure to asbestos when they were loading and unloading products containing asbestos or removing the debris produced by deteriorating asbestos materials. In a construction environment or factories, huge amounts of asbestos dust gather and particles are released into the air being continuously inhaled by laborers and the rest of the construction crew and factory workers.

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The families of these workers were not safe from being exposed to asbestos as fibers attached to the laborers’ working clothes and bodies, were brought home.

From the prolonged inhalation of these asbestos fibers, laborers and their families risked developing fatal diseases like asbestos-related lung cancer and mesothelioma or other serious respiratory conditions.

Relevant Job Titles

  • construction laborer
  • refinery laborer
  • yard laborer
  • factory laborer
  • trade laborer
  • aggregate laborer
  • asphalt laborer
  • concrete laborer
  • demolition laborer

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We also represent the close relatives of laborers that handled asbestos and are now sick or have passed away.

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Diseases Contracted after Asbestos Exposure in Laborers

The asbestos exposure in laborers was twofold. On the one hand, they were responsible for loading and unloading asbestos products, which unavoidably released toxic fibers in the air, while on the other hand, they would spend hours working in a contaminated environment on a regular basis. Consequently, they are now among the occupational groups with the highest risk of developing a disease as a result of asbestos exposure on the job. If you notice symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest pain or fatigue and worked as a laborer in the past, please seek medical attention immediately.

Asbestosis Mesothelioma Bladder Cancer Pulmonary Fibrosis Lung Cancer Esophageal Cancer Asthma Lung Nodules Laryngeal Cancer

Our Attorneys also Provide Legal Representation to Labor Union Members

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How Can We Help Laborers Who Were Exposed to Asbestos?

Contact us if you think you were exposed during the time you worked as a laborer and we will make sure you will get examined in order to be diagnosed and receive the treatment needed to restore your health.

If you seek the compensation you deserve for being put in a dangerous environment without your knowledge, we will gather the necessary information and file claims with the asbestos trust funds of the companies responsible for affecting your quality of life. Moreover, if you were exposed to asbestos as a laborer in the U.S. Military, we will also file a claim with the VA so that you will recover the maximum financial compensation you deserve.

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