Asbestos boilers

Working around these types of machinery always presented dangerous levels of asbestos exposure. When a boiler required maintenance, you had to pass through its insulation. By cutting and removing it, asbestos dust was created, releasing dangerous particles around you.

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50 years

The pressure vessel of the boiler was usually made of steel or an alloy of steel. Because of the extreme heat produced, asbestos was used as insulation, being well-known for its fire-resistant properties.

In time, the asbestos applied to the boiler would wear down and it would need removal. As it was subjected to extreme temperatures on a constant basis, the asbestos contained in the insulation products became friable, meaning that it was easier for its fibers to become airborne when the worker would start to tear it off. You could have been exposed if:

  • You were a manufacturer of boiler systems
  • You installed boilers
  • You assured maintenance for boiler systems
  • You found yourself on a constant basis around boilers

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos boilers

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos boilers

Boilers that had parts made of asbestos or were insulated with asbestos posed a threat of exposure to this carcinogenic mineral and, as a worker, you risked developing a disease related to it. Our team of experts with extensive knowledge in cases of asbestos exposure will help you obtain a rightfully deserved compensation.

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