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Railroad Workers

Exposed to Asbestos at their workplace

Railroad workers were constantly exposed to the harm presented by asbestos exposure, especially the people performing repair and maintenance jobs on parts of the train that were insulated with asbestos containing products. If these materials needed to be cut, sanded or drilled into, asbestos dust would have been created releasing microscopic particles of asbestos into the near environment.

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The inhalation of these particles leads to the development of diseases resulting in high fatality rates like mesothelioma, asbestos related lung cancer or serious respiratory conditions.

Relevant Job Titles

  • blacksmith
  • brakeman
  • car inspector
  • carman
  • hostler
  • railroad car repairman
  • railroad engineer
  • steam locomotive fireman
  • rail car loader
  • railroad brake, signal, and switch operators
  • railroad conductor
  • railroad yardmaster
  • rigger
  • track foreman
  • track laborer

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We also represent the close relatives of railroad workers that handled asbestos and are now sick or have passed away.

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Diseases Contracted after Asbestos Exposure in railroad workers

Having been exposed to asbestos repeatedly, the plant workers and their families have a high risk of developing asbestos-related illnesses. These illnesses consist not only of pulmonary affections but also of different types of cancers, all of which can result in fatal resolutions.

Lung cancer Mesothelioma Asbestosis Laryngeal/Esophageal Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colon/Colorectal Cancer Pulmonary Fibrosis

We also Represent U.S. Veterans Exposed to Asbestos while Serving their Country 

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Our Attorneys also Provide Legal Representation to Labor Union Members

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How can we help railroad workers that were exposed to asbestos?

Our main interest is to help you receive the compensation you deserve in order to cover your treatment costs and restore some of the quality of life you have lost since you were exposed to asbestos. We will file claims with the asbestos trust funds of the companies that were responsible for damaging your health by failing to warn you about the risks of being exposed to asbestos containing materials.

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