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Boiler Workers/Boiler Technicians

Exposed to Asbestos at their workplace

The risk of you coming in contact with the asbestos fibers was extremely high, boilers customarily containing numerous forms of asbestos insulation. The boilers not only required the use of asbestos insulation, but also required that the insulation is applied at the home where the boiler was installed putting not only the boiler workers in danger of asbestos exposure but those who lived in the house as well.

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The job often required the boiler workers to use a claw hammer or sledgehammer to work around the boiler to file rough areas or to simply turn it into rubble for easier removal. As boilers were covered with asbestos insulation, the process created a dangerous amount of asbestos dust and fibers to become airborne.

Even the act of cleaning or repairing a broken one would entail the release of dust and coming in direct contact with other asbestos products like using joint mixtures that needed sanding or tape for loose insulation.

The appearance of mesothelioma symptoms in these cases of extended asbestos exposure could have happened in 30 or 40 years from being initially exposed to it. Sadly, this means that the workers are often older and more vulnerable from a physical standpoint when this illness manifests itself.

Boiler workers also served in the military, under the rating of boiler technicians. They were responsible for regulating boilers by performing inspection on a regular basis, including reading and recording pressures and temperatures. Boiler technicians would also perform routine maintenance and make the necessary replacements or repairs, activities that inevitably triggered asbestos exposure, as hazardous materials would be disturbed. As a consequence, asbestos exposure was high in boiler technicians, since they would frequently work with dangerous products such as insulation.

Another military rating that had to perform duties similar to boiler workers was watertender. As if spending a lot of time in the engine room of the ship, which was one of the places with most asbestos on a Navy vessel, was not enough, watertenders would also have to supervise the fires and boilers, therefore exposing themselves to double health danger. Boilers manufactured before 1980 are notorious for containing great amounts of asbestos, which is why former watertenders are today at high risk of developing a disease related to asbestos exposure.

Relevant Job Titles

  • boiler mechanic
  • boiler operator
  • boiler repair
  • boiler supervisor
  • boiler technician
  • boiler tender
  • boiler tester
  • boiler washer
  • boilerman
  • watertender

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We also represent the close relatives of boiler workers/boiler technicians that handled asbestos and are now sick or have passed away.

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Diseases Contracted after Asbestos Exposure in Boiler Workers

There were numerous asbestos products a boiler would have before 1980, the most dangerous being insulation. By handling boilers on a regular basis, workers would be exposed to large amounts of airborne asbestos fibers, which they would inevitably breathe in or swallow. Once in the human body, asbestos fibers can lead to multiple serious diseases over the years, as they cause severe inflammation and tissue scarring to the organ they attach themselves to.

Lung cancer Pulmonary Fibrosis Mesothelioma Emphysema Colorectal Cancer Chronic Bronchitis Asbestosis Lung Nodules

We also Represent U.S. Veterans Exposed to Asbestos while Serving their Country 

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How Can We Help Boiler Workers/Watertenders Who Were Exposed to Asbestos?

Because the diseases don’t show symptoms for a couple of years after the initial asbestos exposure, you can contact us and get screened for asbestos fibers as early diagnosis will help with your prognosis and treatment.

If you have worked in the boiler industry and now have been diagnosed with lung cancer, mesothelioma or asbestosis, you are entitled to seek compensation for both economic and noneconomic damages. We can help you get compensated by filing claims with the VA if you were a boiler technician in the U.S. Navy, and with the asbestos trust funds.

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