Asbestos boiler coating

Boilers used to be insulated with this type of product. When the workers had it removed to gain access to the machinery by tearing it off, the fibers of asbestos were released into the air, creating a poisonous environment for them to be in.

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23 years

This type of insulation was used on the exterior of the boiler as well as on the inside walls of its pipes. As asbestos had all the qualities of a good and inexpensive insulator, its fibers were added into the product’s content.

The danger of asbestos containing boiler coating came mainly from its exposure to constant heat. This would have made the material highly friable, a state in which the asbestos fibers could have been released into the atmosphere with minimal disturbance. You could have been exposed if:

  • You interacted with asbestos-containing boiler coating
  • You installed boilers before the 1980s
  • You assured maintenance for boiler systems
  • You found yourself on a constant basis around boilers

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos boiler coating

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos boiler coating

If you seek retribution against the asbestos companies that endangered you and your family, we are here to offer our services and our extensive knowledge to get you compensated for the plight of being exposed to asbestos materials, like boiler coating, in your line of work.

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