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Workers exposed to asbestos

Babcock & Wilcox was founded in 1867 in order to produce water-tube boilers. By 1902, the company manufactured boilers for the first New York City subway. Babcock & Wilcox was involved in many U.S. government-funded projects, being awarded lucrative assignments. To this day, the collaboration between the government and Babcock & Wilcox continues. The early types of boilers Babcock & Wilcox produced required asbestos as a fireproof material. By using this poisonous mineral, the factory workers had their health affected along with boiler installers and repairmen.

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Babcock & Wilcox employees exposed to asbestos

During the last century, Babcock & Wilcox made use of asbestos in large amounts, as the mineral has numerous convenient properties, such as excellent resistance to fire, electricity and a wide range of chemicals. Furthermore, it was also very cheap at the time. It is worthy of note that veterans may also have been exposed to asbestos by using the products of this company while they were serving in the military. Renowned for designing and installing the first utility boiler in 1881, Babcock & Wilcox Company had been operating for over 150 years. The occupations at the highest risk of developing a serious disease as a result of exposure to the asbestos products of this company are:

Ever since the beginning, their business has been focusing on manufacturing boilers for government projects and industries such as nuclear power generation. While the company was enjoying nationwide success, workers were unknowingly facing the dangers of occupational asbestos exposure. People involved in the manufacturing of boilers, as well as those who were in charge of installing or repairing Babcock & Wilcox Company products, are at risk of developing serious diseases, so we strongly advise you to monitor your health.

Asbestos related cancer eligible for filing a claim

If you developed one of the following cancers as a result of occupational exposure, you are eligible for compensation. If you are too ill, a family member can help you with the legal process. In the unfortunate event that you pass away before recovering compensation, your surviving family members will receive compensation on your behalf.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If, however, you struggle with non-cancerous pleural diseases such as asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, diffuse pleural thickening, COPD (emphysema & chronic bronchitis), pleurisy, lung nodules, lung spots, asthma, pneumonitis, tuberculosis, rounded atelectasis or lung scarring, please seek a second or even a third opinion as the rate of misdiagnosis is very high among the victims of asbestos exposure.

Secondary asbestos exposure, a major risk for the families of Babcock & Wilcox Company workers

Have you shared a house with a family member who, at the time, was working at Babcock & Wilcox Company? If so, your health might be at stake, regardless of how much time has elapsed since then. Similarly to most U.S. manufacturers which were employing asbestos, Babcock & Wilcox Company had a lax approach when it came to industrial hygiene. Thereby, people who partook in the manufacturing of boilers were not required to shower or change their clothes when their shift ended, which would lead to asbestos fibers making their way in non-industrial environments such as households.

Today, family members of asbestos workers make up 10% of asbestos victims and they also qualify for financial compensation from the Babcock & Wilcox Company asbestos trust fund set up in 2006. With the assistance of a lawyer specialized in toxic exposure cases, you can easily recover the money you deserve if you were indirectly harmed by the products of this company. The attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. have been dedicating their endeavors to helping asbestos victims since 1990 and will eagerly aid you, too.

Legal assistance in wrongful death asbestos exposure cases for family members

The surviving family members of a worker who developed a disease as a result of occupational asbestos exposure but has not taken legal action during their lifetime are also eligible for compensation. With over 25 years of experience in pursuing compensation for the victims of asbestos exposure and their family members, our attorneys will help you recover the money you deserve on behalf of your loved one. While it is very complex, the legal process requires minimal involvement on your part, as the majority of the aspects, such as the claim and the documents which must accompany it, will be efficiently handled by our legal team. If you have a family member who lost their lives to a disease that was caused by workplace asbestos exposure, do not hesitate to contact our law firm for quality legal assistance. It is important to know that, because we work on a contingency fee basis, you will not have to pay anything unless we recover compensation for you.