Oil rig & refinery workers

Exposed to asbestos at their workplace

The workers in this line of business used to work under a constant threat from asbestos exposure as the working process implied the use of extreme heat. Due to these conditions asbestos insulation and asbestos made parts were used to prevent the danger of a fire starting on the working sites but brought in the lives of the workers the danger of breathing constantly in an asbestos-filled atmosphere.

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Being around the asbestos insulated machinery and their asbestos-containing parts, the people working in the oil rigs and refineries were always in the presence of friable asbestos, which means that its particles became airborne more easily during repairing and maintenance work. From sanding newly installed parts, removing worn-out ones, and scrubbing the inside of the furnaces, inhalation of asbestos fibers happened on a frequent basis.

Relevant job titles

  • oil field worker
  • refinery lab technician
  • refinery laborer
  • refinery operator
  • rigger/assembler
  • dock operator
  • drilling worker
  • motor hand
  • oil distillation technician
  • rigwatch technician
  • scaffold helper
  • valve technician
  • well test operator

Asbestos secondary exposure?

People exposed through spouse, husband, parent, relative.

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Asbestos-related cancer eligible for filing a claim

If you developed one of the following cancers as a result of occupational exposure, you are eligible for compensation. If you are too ill, a family member can help you with the legal process. In the unfortunate event that you pass away before recovering compensation, your surviving family members will receive compensation on your behalf.

Lung Cancer Mesothelioma Throat Cancer Esophageal Cancer Bronchial Cancer Gastrointestinal Cancer Colorectal Cancer

If, however, you struggle with non-cancerous pleural diseases such as asbestosis, pulmonary fibrosis, pleural plaques, pleural effusion, diffuse pleural thickening, COPD (emphysema & chronic bronchitis), pleurisy, lung nodules, lung spots, asthma, pneumonitis, tuberculosis, rounded atelectasis or lung scarring, please seek a second or even a third opinion as the rate of misdiagnosis is very high among the victims of asbestos exposure.

Companies that exposed oil rig & refinery workers to asbestos

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Labor union members are also eligible

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