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Georgia Pacific Corporation

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

What is now known as one of the largest manufacturers of building products in the world, Georgia Pacific got its start in 1927, as a hardwood wholesaler. The company went on to expand by operating sawmills and lumber mills and after 1956 it added papermaking to its activities. For the rest of the 20th century, Georgia Pacific continued to grow even more and it was bought by Koch Industries in 2005. Along the years, Georgia Pacific acquired different companies and one of them was Bestwall Gypsum. This company used asbestos in manufacturing some of its products before being purchased by Georgia Pacific, but still, continued to use this toxic mineral years after being bought.

Former Georgia Pacific Corporation Workers, At High Risk for Lung Disease

While the company has a rich history as a flourishing business throughout the U.S. by virtue of their wide range of products, it was only in 1965, upon purchasing Bestwall Gypsum, that Georgia Pacific began employing asbestos. Known for manufacturing gypsum products such as plaster and drywall, Bestwall Gypsum would use asbestos for the insulating properties, accessibility, as well as low cost of the mineral. In addition to the people who were involved in the manufacturing of hazardous products, the following occupational groups might have also come in contact with Bestwall Gypsum asbestos products before 1977: shipyard workers, construction workers, maintenance workers, demolition workers. A notable particularity of the diseases which can arise from asbestos exposure is their long latency period – up to 50 years may elapse between one’s inhalation or ingestion of toxic fibers and the occurrence of a disease such as lung cancer.

Over the past three decades, approximately 300,000 lawsuits were filed against Georgia Pacific Corporation on behalf of employees injured by occupational asbestos exposure. If you find yourself in the same situation, struggling with asbestosis or another disease known to be the result of asbestos exposure, we encourage you to take legal action immediately. So far, our law firm has provided legal assistance and representation to more than 200,000 asbestos victims and our attorneys will be glad to lend you a helping hand. Suing the liable company will not only grant you the compensation you deserve, but it will also hold Georgia Pacific Corporation accountable for their past neglectful actions. Because we know how important early detection is, our specialists offer asbestos screenings free of charge to former Georgia Pacific Corporation employees who worked before 1977. Please send in your most recent chest X-ray and our medical experts will promptly let you know whether you should have a cause for concern regarding the health of your lungs.

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The Family Members of Georgia Pacific Corporation Employees Who Worked Before 1977 Might Have Also Been Exposed to Asbestos

Asbestos exposure is falsely believed to have taken place exclusively in industrial settings such as chemical plants, shipyard, or textile mills by the majority of people. However, it is crucial to know that exposure to asbestos can take many forms, a person not being necessarily required to be in close proximity to the source of contamination to undergo dangerous exposure. The circumstances in which one is not in direct contact with asbestos, yet inhales or ingests toxic fibers, are referred to as secondary exposure. Secondary asbestos exposure would happen very often during the last century, the most common setting in which it would occur being households, as millions of people would handle asbestos on the job without wearing appropriate equipment. Moreover, workers did not have to change their clothes either, which would facilitate secondary exposure to a terrible extent. Thus, asbestos fibers would inadvertently be carried home by workers, where family members could easily breathe them in.

Similarly to people whose health was affected by occupational exposure, people injured by secondary asbestos exposure are entitled to financial compensation. If you have someone in your family who was employed at Georgia Pacific Corporation and now struggle with a disease associated with asbestos exposure, a lawyer specialized in asbestos cases will provide you with the assistance you need to recover the money you deserve for your physical and emotional suffering. With nearly 30 years of experience in pursuing compensation for asbestos victims, our attorneys are committed to help you file a lawsuit against the company at fault with minimal involvement on your part. Seeking legal aid as soon as you have a diagnosis is crucial, as asbestos cases have a statute of limitation which could prevent you from recovering the compensation you are eligible for. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us and we will promptly answer your questions.