Asbestos plaster

In time plaster becomes worn, scratched and deteriorated, disturbing the asbestos particles inside. When the workers would have interacted with the walls on which this material was used, they would have been subjected to the risk of inhaling them.

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56 years

Although there were many types of plaster used in many different industries, asbestos fibers were commonly mixed into the formula of decorative plaster. Chrysotile or ‘white asbestos’ and amphibole asbestos were the preferred types of this naturally occurring mineral to be included in the manufacturing process of plaster.

With the passing of time, plaster would usually get worn out presenting scratches and abrasions. Damaged asbestos plaster would have meant an immediate risk of exposure to asbestos for the workers, as the content of this construction material wasn’t found in an intact form anymore. You could have been exposed if:

  • You handled directly asbestos plaster
  • You found yourself on construction sites where asbestos plaster was used
  • You found yourself working in old structures
  • You performed demolition work
  • You did remodeling work in old buildings

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos plaster

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos plaster

Being around worn out asbestos-containing plaster puts you directly in harm’s way and if your occupation required you to be in these asbestos filled environments, you have the right to seek justice. Our team of experts will work closely with you in order for you to obtain the monetary compensations you rightfully deserve.

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