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W.R. Grace

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

W.R. Grace was founded in Peru in 1854. The operations of the company were moved later in New York. They manufactured sealants, fireproofing materials, cements and many other products. In 1963, W.R. Grace purchased the Zonolite Company which enabled them to extend their line of products to insulation compounds. This newly created division also sold and distributed the mineral known as Vermiculite. For almost 40 years, starting in 1938, W.R Grace used asbestos in some of their products. They were mainly putting in danger the lives of insulators and construction workers that were required to interact with these products.

Thousands of W.R. Grace Employees Began Suffering from Terrible Diseases After 1980

Undoubtedly, W.R. Grace is most infamous for the manufacturing of Zonolite insulation, which is estimated to still lurk in the attics of over 35 million old U.S. buildings. As a friable product containing very high concentrations of asbestos, vermiculite insulation is nowadays considered one of the most hazardous building materials when it comes to exposure. Nonetheless, W.R. Grace was also producing a series of other asbestos-containing products during the last century, which is why so many former workers came to develop terminal illnesses several decades later. The extent of asbestos exposure at the W.R. Grace vermiculite processing plants was unimaginable – so much asbestos dust would be released in the air that workers could barely see their own hands on the brooms while cleaning up the facility at the end of the day.

Former W.R. Grace employees are one of the demographics at highest risk for asbestos-related diseases, since the toxic exposure they would regularly be subjected to on the job was tremendous. However, it is worthy of note that up to five decades may elapse from the first inhalation of asbestos fibers to the onset of a disease. Furthermore, people will rarely experience symptoms in the incipient phases of the illness, which frequently leads to tardy detection. In a thoughtful attempt to prevent late diagnosis, the medical experts at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. have recently begun offering asbestos screenings free of charge to people who worked at W.R. Grace. Thus, if you are a former employee, we wholeheartedly encourage you to contact us and our specialists will thoroughly evaluate the condition of your lungs.

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Secondary Asbestos Exposure, a Serious Concern for the Family Members of W.R. Grace Workers

While on-the-job asbestos exposure is accountable for the vast majority of the 15,000 deaths which occur every year in the U.S. due to mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis, over 8% of asbestos victims become ill as a consequence of secondary asbestos exposure. By inhaling some of the carcinogenic fibers a loved one would often carry home on their work clothes, numerous people inadvertently put their health at stake. Regrettably, a considerable portion of those who underwent secondary asbestos exposure, either by interacting with a W.R. Grace employee who just returned home from the job or by laundering their work clothes, have subsequently been diagnosed with severe diseases which often ended up claiming their lives.

Having a former W.R. Grace worker in your family places you at high risk for asbestos-related diseases, whose most important particularity in this context is their long latency period. Therefore, if you have a type of pulmonary disease or a form of cancer which might be related to asbestos, as well as a family member who worked at W.R. Grace before 1980, you are very likely a victim of secondary exposure. With nearly three decades of experience in asbestos litigation, our lawyers are here to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve from the company’s asbestos trust fund. Since there is a statute of limitations effective for asbestos exposure cases, we strongly encourage you to contact us at your earliest convenience so as to ensure your asbestos claim is submitted on time.

Payment percentage

Claim Valuation for Mesothelioma

180,000 Scheduled
225,000 Average
450,000 Maximum

Claim Approval Criteria for Mesothelioma

Diagnosis Requirements

Physical Exam

Causation Statement Requirement

Latency and Exposure Requirements

Latency 10 years
Company Exposure prior to 19831 day
Occupational Exposure prior to 19831 day