Asbestos textured coating

When the wall coated with this product starts to get damaged, the asbestos is usually found in a friable state by the workers that interact with it. In this condition, its fibers start being released more easily into the environment.

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23 years

Textured coating was found under many forms – stucco siding, popcorn ceilings or wall coverings. Due to the fact that it was mostly used for its fire resistant and soundproofing properties, asbestos fibers were included in the manufacturing process of this product.

Intact textured coating didn’t pose a major asbestos exposure risk. When the time came for the coating to be removed, the particles of asbestos would have gotten disturbed, especially if the material was found in a crumbling state. You could have been exposed if:

  • You found yourself working in old structures
  • You worked directly with textured coating before the 1980’s
  • You performed demolition work
  • You did remodeling work in old buildings
  • You entered in contact with the clothes or the gear covered in asbestos dust

Companies liable for manufacturing or use of asbestos textured coating

How can we help workers that worked with or around asbestos textured coating

As you were doing work around walls coated with asbestos containing products, the risk of asbestos exposure increased leaving you vulnerable to the development of diseases related to this carcinogenic mineral. Contact us in order to get examined as fast as possible and if your quality of life has been diminished by the result of being exposed to asbestos fibers in your workplace, we will take the legal initiative for you to receive the reparations you are entitled to.

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