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Bell & Gossett Company

Workers Exposed to Asbestos

Bell & Gossett is a manufacturer of pumps, valves, heat exchangers and accessories for plumbing. It started as a family-owned business, over 100 years ago but it quickly became one of the largest plumbing manufacturers in the US. As the company grew, they started to concentrate more and more on engineering, developing and producing components in order to improve heating systems. During WW2 and up until the 80s, the use of asbestos in plumbing products all over the US rose, and the Bell & Gossett Company is no stranger to it. Workers might have been exposed to asbestos, which put them at serious health risk.

If You Were an Employee at Bell & Gosset, You Need to Keep a Close Eye on Your Health

There is no ”safe” level of asbestos exposure. The fibers arising when tempered with, are a potential hazard to human health. Up until the point when it was regulated in the 80s, many manufacturers have used it in their products, especially when it comes to plumbing due to its heat resistant qualities and durability. Its use has put workers and other individuals using such products at risk.

If you’ve worked at Bell & Gosset during their use of asbestos, you need to regularly check on your health. We offer screenings free of charge, which can help you determine whether or not you have reasons to be concerned. Contact us and we will provide all the information necessary to take further steps in assessing your health condition.

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Workers Developing Asbestos-Related Diseases Due to Their Workplace Exposure Have the Right to Get Compensated

Asbestos has been a known carcinogen ever since 1920, but many companies chose to simply disregard the warnings. Plant workers producing Bell & Gosset products and maintenance workers were heavily exposed to the risk of developing asbestos-related lung diseases.  Over time, asbestos fibers that are present in the air can accumulate in the lungs, producing inflammation and leading to the development of serious lung diseases.

If you have been diagnosed with asbestos-related lung disease due to your time of work at Bell & Gosset, you need to take action quickly. Our team is dedicated to helping asbestos victims ever since 1990. We can help you file a claim and get properly compensated. For any further information you can contact us and we will gladly answer all your questions.