Is My Case Going to Trial or Should I File a Claim?

by Gary Anderson on January 20, 2019

Going to trial is rarely necessary when it comes to asbestos cases, as most victims receive compensation from one or multiple asbestos trust funds. Nevertheless, if your case has to go to trial, we can offer you legal representation as well.

For most victims, compensation comes from asbestos trusts funds

Asbestos litigation has undoubtedly been on the rise throughout the past three decades, as more and more people who had been exposed to asbestos in the workplace developed devastating diseases and needed monetary compensation for their injuries. For nearly 40 years, asbestos manufacturers and distributors have been intentionally ignoring the terrible health effects of this toxic mineral for their own financial benefits. Thus, the dangers of asbestos have been carefully covered up until the Clean Air Act and the Federal Law finally declared it a known human carcinogen.

Shortly after, hundreds of thousands of former employees started filing lawsuits against the responsible parties. Because companies soon became unable to pay liabilities, asbestos trust funds were created to provide compensation for current and future claimants. Since 1988, when the first asbestos trust fund appeared, over $18 billion have been awarded to people who filed claims.

If you were injured by asbestos exposure in the workplace, we highly recommend you to file a claim with one or multiple asbestos trust funds, as it will benefit you more than filing a lawsuit. Some of the most significant advantages it entails are:

  • By filing an asbestos claim, you are not required to go to trial in order to receive compensation. Your money will come directly from the asbestos trust fund you submitted it to, which is managed by a board of trustees unrelated to the company executives.
  • You will receive financial compensation within a considerably shorter time than you would if you filed a lawsuit against the responsible company. If you file a lawsuit and a settlement cannot be reached between you and the defendant, the completion of an asbestos case in court will generally take over one year. On the other hand, asbestos claims are almost always processed in less than one year.
  • If you file your asbestos claim with the assistance of a competent legal team, the waiting time will be even shorter and you will most likely receive compensation within several months. Moreover, you will be able to focus on your treatment, since your attorney will take care of all the necessary legal aspects for you.

Consequently, asbestos trust funds represent the best legal option for asbestos victims. Nevertheless, while going to trial is rarely necessary, we will be able to provide you with the same quality legal assistance and representation in this case as well.

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