What If Multiple Asbestos Companies Are Responsible for My Injury?

by Channika DeSilva Gonzalez on October 19, 2018

Oftentimes, multiple asbestos companies are responsible for a person's injury. Employers, asbestos suppliers, as well as manufacturers can be simultaneously held accountable.

Which asbestos company is primarily liable for my injury?

Since the vast majority of asbestos companies could no longer pay liabilities to former employees after the 1980s due to the increasing number of lawsuits, they found themselves forced to request bankruptcy protection. As a result, asbestos trust funds were created and now they represent the most effective way of recovering financial compensation to victims of occupational asbestos exposure. In the United States, there are currently 60 active asbestos trust funds. Unlike a regular lawsuit, filing a claim with asbestos trust funds is a significantly more efficient and rapid process, requiring no trial.

Anyone with a diagnosis of lung cancer, pleural plaques, asbestosis, mesothelioma, or any other disease which is known to be caused by asbestos exposure is eligible for seeking financial compensation from the asbestos trust fund of their former employer. When more than one company is at fault, people have the legal right to file a claim with the asbestos trust fund of each liable party. However, because the success of asbestos claims depends preponderantly on the evidence submitted along with it, working with a lawyer specialized in asbestos litigation is essential and will ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you qualify for. In addition to collecting reliable proof to support your asbestos exposure, they will also be able to determine which company is mostly responsible for your physical and emotional distress.

Are you or a family member suffering from a disease as a consequence of workplace asbestos exposure? Not only will taking legal action provide you with the compensation you deserve, which will help you cover the cost of your treatment, but it will also hold the companies who exposed you to asbestos responsible for their wrongdoing. Please feel free to contact our experienced attorneys at 205.328.9200 and they will promptly evaluate your case.