Pleural effusion

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Although it is present in a wide variety of conditions, such as tuberculosis, arthritis, or congestive heart failure, pleural effusion may also be a sign of mesothelioma.

Seeking medical assistance as soon as you start noticing the symptoms is crucial. Pleural effusion appears as a result of the inflammation produced by asbestos fibers in the lungs and it often indicates the onset of pleural mesothelioma. With a mesothelioma diagnosis, you are eligible for financial compensation from the asbestos trust funds and the VA.

Asbestos Exposure

With a pleaural effusion diagnosis alone, you are not eligible for compensation. But given the fact that the rate of misdiagnosis is high, and the cancer risk is high with asbestos exposure we strongly recommend you get a second and even third opinion outside the VA. If you are diagnosed with asbestos-related cancer you become eligible to file a claim and obtain financial compensation.

Pleural effusion is a common symptom of mesothelioma

Nowadays, it is well-known that a history of heavy asbestos exposure places you at high risk for mesothelioma, as well as for other serious diseases. However, the symptoms which occur with mesothelioma are vague and can easily be mistaken for the signs of less severe conditions, so it is very important to pay close attention to your health if you have been exposed to asbestos in the workplace.

There is a natural amount of fluid between the two layers of the pleura, the protective membrane which covers the lungs. When mesothelioma or another inflammatory condition occurs, the pleura will secret excess fluid which will continue to accumulate in the chest cavity. Pleural effusion might also be a symptom of asbestosis and asbestos-related lung cancer. The most common signs of pleural effusion include:

  • sharp chest pain
  • a dry cough
  • shortness of breath
  • fever
  • hiccups
  • clubbed fingers
  • fatigue
  • chest tightness

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, please seek medical assistance immediately. Pleural effusion can lead to a series of complications, the most serious being a collapsed lung (pneumothorax), which happens when air escapes from the organ. Another severe complication of pleural effusion is empyema, the accumulation of pus in the lungs due to infection.

Legal assistance for asbestos exposure victims

If you have a pleural effusion diagnosis and were exposed to asbestos on the job or in the military, you are at a higher risk of developing mesothelioma. With over two decades of experience in toxic exposure cases, our skilled attorneys will go to great lengths to make sure you receive the money you deserve for your unjust suffering. To file a mesothelioma claim, we will need your employment or military records, which you must retrieve, and your medical records. These documents will provide our legal team with a starting point in assessing your case. If we deem you eligible, we will start working on your asbestos trust fund claim and VA claim if you are a veteran as soon as possible. Eventually, you will obtain the maximum compensation available for your asbestos-related cancer diagnosis.